A Beautiful Cool Sunday

What a beautiful cool day with a gentle breeze blowing. The sun is bright but is is not hot a perfect fall day. This weather puts me in the mood for hot chocolate, soups, casseroles and anything pumpkin.

I made a quick well sort of quick trip to the store and came home with enough food for 2 weeks. I got busy and made up the main course meals so hopefully it will make dinners easier in the evenings when I am tired and don't feel like cooking.

Believe it or not I am almost done putting things away and straightening up my house. I still am working on my three class projects and will post pics when they are done. Despite adding a few more very necessary things yesterday when Colleen and I made a trip to Mystic to get some fun stamps and then to Ikea. Let me tell ya wrong day for IkEA they were having a big sale and it was packed.

I still have a few more photos to share of our swaps at Artistic Affaire. Jessie hosted a house and cigar box swap and Joy and Kelly hosted a canvas swap. All were fun and I have 5 beautiful houses to hang, a Halloween canvas that I love and is hanging and a beautiful box filled with buttons, lace and bling and some beautiful cards.

Here are the house from Group C
Teah Barrow


Catherine Myers

Carol Fowler

Susan McFarlane

Joy Campbell

My canvas swap from Sylvia Estrada

My beautiful box holding my cigar box from Carol Fowler

In side is the cigar box and a bottle of buttons. I love buttons

Beautiful cards, lace and bling

Another pic of the goodies at our place settings

So I will be busy this week finishing up my classes, playing along with Alie Edwards in the week in the life online class.
Soon I will be signed up for Jessica Sprague's on line class


Wish we had a "Mystic" in our town! You always talk about that place!

Love all those houses! So much variety, but all darling and unique.

And I agree, these early fall days are so beautiful, nights are too, the full moon tonight is splendid!


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