Here it is Friday already. It has been a long but short week. Long in lots of work accomplished and short in that I was only at work for three days. I am telecommuting theses last two days. Love it!!! I am accomplishing so much in clearing up some of this boring must get done paper work.

I am still working on a week in my life. I am finding that I am very routine regimented and my life is pretty boring!! I am anxious to actually get my album put together. Need to get the pictures printed.

Big plans for the weekend. Have a bees wax class with Mike P at Mystic Paper Saturday morning and then plan to shop at the festivities. Mystic Paper will have vendors set up in front of the store. I am so excited as my family TJ, Jenn, John, Sadera and Anthony will be coming down to meet Colleen and I so we can enjoy all the chili, salsa and other events. Kim (originator of designing the wood easel) will be one of the vendors at Mystic and can't wait to pick up some more of her original wood cut outs and some yummy trims. By the way Kim congrats on the easels they are selling well. Carol W used them in her limited addition Christmas kit and I was lucky enough to get one in California and a little birdie told me Kim got another order for them from Texas. Way to go. Her easel cookbook class she taught at Mystic was such a hit too. Easels are so versatile and I am loving them.
So it should be a fun fun day and hopefully photo opportunities as I wind down my week in my life .

So this is what my world looks like this am. Work from home with a cup of coffee and my computer. Loving it!


Kim Caldwell said…
I have that very same coffe cup! Have a blast today. I will miss you girls. . .

Hugs, Kim

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