Amazing, Super, Beautiful, Fabulous Weekend

What an overwhelming, fun, amazing and creative weekend this has been. I still can't believe that it has come and gone so fast. Kim C planned our weekend with the upmost care and attention to every detail. Nothing was missed. From the time we entered her beautiful home until we sadly walked out her door we were made to feel welcomed, pampered and oh so special. I can't begin to describe what a beautiful home and family Kim has.

Thursday was travel day and that is what we did. After arriving in La we took Colleen to dinner Thursday nite to celebrate her birthday. Kim H, Kim C, Sue M, Amy T, Carol W, Becky N, Colleen and I met at the Marmalade Cafe. What a chatty fun dinner we had.

Friday morning it was rise and shine and Kim and I worked out for 30 minutes in the gym while our two roomies caught up on their beauty sleep. Kim headed off to Kim C's house to set up her table and Sue, Colleen and I headed to the garmet district. Talk about overwhelming!

After we returned we got ready and when Kim came back we headed to the French General. What an experience. I am still working on my bracelet

I enjoyed meeting up with the people I had met in Temecula and the ladies that would be attending the event the next morning.

Saturday morning finally arrived and I could hardly contain my excitement. The day was here. After breakfast and a quick stop at Starbuck's for Colleen and Sue we arrived at Kim's home. We were greeted by her wonderful husband who assisted us with all of our bags. When I walked in the door my breathe was taken away. Pure beauty elegance and warmth greeted us

I am having so much trouble with blogger so will finish this tomorrow


Maija said…
Such a worthwhile adventure, wasn't it?!
Tina Wishart said…
Sherry-That event looks like so much fun. So great that you have met such a wonderful group of girls. Can't wait to see more pics.
Sue said…
I had such a good time. Thanks for the fabulous pictures! Hugs
kim hesson said…
dang you did get a lot of pics! gonna have to borrow as i didn't pick my camera up that day. only thing i regret!
Love your pictures! Ah, what a great fall get-away!

You're having trouble with blogger? Imagine me, who is new at it AND at the same time playing blog-goose-chase with myself!!


.....who is at her FINAL blog home now...
Scrappy Jessi said…
hey sweets.
what a fab weekend we had.
im so glad i finally got to meet you in person.
great pics.

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