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A new name and a new post.  It has been a bery long time since I have written in my blog.  I question does anyone read blogs anymore??
Life as I knew it has changed in so many ways.  I retired from my career in the medical field in 2015. To say not what I expected is an understatement, but I am doing well, and forging ahead in a different new and exciting direction.
I taught at a local scrapbook store for over 3 years and loved meeting new people and developing new friendships.  Alas the store is closing and I am once again seeking new paths.  I am lucky that through friendships I have found several possibilities of places to teach.  My future is bright with the new opportunities.  It may be a different type of format but I will still be able to teach my mini albums.
I will keep you posted.  Meanwhile I have created a page on Facebook named Dandelion Wishes.  I will link my classes and my creative endeavors on that page also
Stay tuned as I once again move in a bit of a different dire…