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Friday again

Well here it is Friday again, so soon or already. It remains hot and humid here in Az so nothing new on that home front. Had a busy week with classes on Tuesday and Thursday and yeap I have one again tomorrow. Great week for me!!!!

Last nite was "Inspirational Journal" with Michelle at Devine Memories. She let us exercise our artistic side with a fun journal. Below is the front cover.

Inside the front cover. Of course I needed to do something
Inside back cover. Colleen and I picked up this card last Friday at a little shop that was going out of business in Chadler. Fit perfectly size and saying for my journal
Back cover. Probably going to add some more stamps, but for now this is it
Class Tuesday was with Kim at Devine Memories "Tags and Bags" Another great class and we altered gift bags and made tags. Loved my bags when they were done

2nd set of bags, tags and the cutest little cupcake wooden pin or magnet

Dress I made for the hostess Heather of the swap I'm in at…

Lazy, Creative Sunday

I really did have good intentions of getting lots accomplished today, but instead after taking care of the chemicals in the pool and finding Colleen crepe paper I played. I had been wanting to play with one of the many canvases I have, so that is how I spent the afternoon.
This has been a fun weekend with Friday antique/junk finds yesterday (sat) "meet the Teacher" at Devine Memories and today play time. What a great weekend.

Saturday Colleen and I spent the afternoon altering flash cards to be put on the cutest little wood stand. Sandy, Michelle, Kim and Renee did an outstanding job of leading us through their cards. Upper row left to right Michelle's and Sandy's and bottom row left to right Kim's and Renee's Lots of great ideas
Little wood stand for our cards
Ok, here are the pics of my canvas from start to finish. Lots more pics of my process but won't bore ya. Gesso and soft gel medium to adhere all kinds of "stuff" to my canvas from …

Tips for beating the weather

So today is another hot and humid day. What is new this week right??
We were blessed by the State Inspectors walking into the unit on Monday A.M. so for 2 1/2 days we were under the microscope!!! Record for us the short stay and no conditions I'm proud of TJ and all the staff they did great under the pressure. Of course everyone knows that state can not come and inspect you without something not being right. well we had 2 yeap you got it 2 dead bugs on the floor. Oops!!! so my plan of correction is to buy the biggest lizard I can find to be on bug patrol. Ya I know sick humor. at least it proves that the exterminator is doing his job!
So in honor of the best inspection with the least trauma we have had to date I took the day off. Colleen and I hit Market Square in Chandler, and the shops in downtown Chandler today. Pics below of my treasures.

Kim knows that I have been making paper dresses and ran across a blog where there was a swap for dresses. She encouraged , supported and with a…

Last Altered Art Book Club Meeting

Today was our last gathering and final exchange for our Altered Art Book. What a fun fun day. We all met at Victoria's house for potluck and then our book exchange. It was sad and fun at the same time. Sad as this was our last meeting and good that we have our own books back. We also celebrated Barbara's Birthday at the meeting and then Collen and I had a celebration belated for Beth's birthday that was July 22nd.
Beth, Laurie and Nancy settting up the food Yeap these loaded out of order but this was our gift from Victoria a little felt person that we made 3 different types of beads for her scarf. and I have to get them on her scarf. Love my little felt person. In fact I am thinking she will adorn my Inspiration Journal.

Colleen made each of us a collage box. I didn't get pics of the rest of them but they all contained items that were unique to each of us

Blurred pics of my little person/

Laurie made these wonderful beaded pins on a beautiful tag. I chose create


Yeap it is Friday and yeap I'm still in my PJ's at 9:30 AM which means yeap I stayed home today. Just call me a slacker!!!!! But I did get most like 90% of my to do list completed at work so this is my reward. Ya and you all believe I have no guilt feelings too right?? any how am home getting gifts wrapped for Sunday's altered book meeting. this is our last meeting with a potluck. Had 2 birthday, hostess and the members gifts to wrap. Thank you Colleen for allowing me to wrap for you hee hee

Still on little dresses kick. Below is the pics of the ones I have done so far. Extra class at Jan's Wed we made some really cute birthday cards so at least I don't have to make cards today.
Ok off the computer and off to tackle my at home to do list and to finish making wrapping paper! Pics of our meeting sunday will be coming. Oh ya and need to find a recipe for a salad for Sunday. as I recall in my last phone conversation with my sister she was supposed to have sent me one hm…

Monday nite excitement in Casa Grande

As you all know Monday nite was monsoon storms. Casa Grande where I work was hit really hard and we lost trees and huge garbage recycle bins. Here are the pics I took this am when I got to work Unfortunately I wasn't paying close enough attention and uploaded them backwards oh well you can see the damage

Claudia standing by the pile of trees we (meaning TJ, Warren and Elisa) pullled to the side of our parking area
Trees all gathered up

Warren and one of the recycle bins that had blown away

One of the downed trees

and the other one
so TJ, Warren and Elisa cut up alot of the branches and we have people coming tomorrow to finish it off. We were lucky and still had electricity today. Poor Claudia lost hers last nite when the winds snapped all the power poles on Arizola. No sleep last nite for her and hot to boot. Predicting more storm possibilities tonite oh yeah


Yeap I'm mixing it up and not blogging on my usual Sunday. I once again am home on Friday! Had a list and great plans for getting all this stuff done both inside and out. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men? So I'm doing fun things today. I must say that even though the pool is not cleaned and the house has not been cleaned yet I do have 2 loads of laundry done and am poking around organizing stuff in my scrap room plus I'm playing. So all in all a very good day.
Took a dress template and altered it. I have had so much fun doing this that I'm doing a whole series of them. Working on a ballet one now. Plan to somehow hang them up like a banner type thing in my scrap room Just because they make me happy!
QUEEN necklace from last weekends adventures. Love this blinged out guady thing and wore it to work. At least Claudia loved it. But it has special significance for Caudia and I. Hey Claudia, Colleen and Kim PLP!!!!!!!!!


Sunday Already!!

My goodness the week has flown by. I think I say that every week but this week has seemed especially short. Maybe because I took Friday off Thanks to my boss!!!!, who knew I needed a mental health day, or maybe the days really do go by that fast. Anyway it is again Sunday, the first Sunday of August to boot. Oh where did the summer go. It has been miserable this week with lots of monsoon type weather. The pool seems to be a never ending battle with the dirt and leaves! So Friday I worked in my yard, cleaned the house (really cleaned the house), and tried to clean the pool. Finally gave up as I was too hot.
Saturday, yesterday, Colleen and I headed out for a marathon trip to Mystic Paper, Stampbotique, Rust and Roses, Scrapp Happy Sisters and Creative Quest. Yeap we were from one end of Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale to the other. We had a few adventures along the way, as only riding with Colleen can bring. People were bad drivers yesterday and Colleen let them know it! A few wrong turns but a…