Last Altered Art Book Club Meeting

Today was our last gathering and final exchange for our Altered Art Book. What a fun fun day. We all met at Victoria's house for potluck and then our book exchange. It was sad and fun at the same time. Sad as this was our last meeting and good that we have our own books back. We also celebrated Barbara's Birthday at the meeting and then Collen and I had a celebration belated for Beth's birthday that was July 22nd.
Beth, Laurie and Nancy settting up the food
Yeap these loaded out of order but this was our gift from Victoria a little felt person that we made 3 different types of beads for her scarf. and I have to get them on her scarf. Love my little felt person. In fact I am thinking she will adorn my Inspiration Journal.

Colleen made each of us a collage box. I didn't get pics of the rest of them but they all contained items that were unique to each of us

Blurred pics of my little person/

Laurie made these wonderful beaded pins on a beautiful tag. I chose create
Barb the birthday girl celebrating her birthday Nancy was busy trying to get a stain out
Victoria's husband took a pic of all of us from left to right: Beth, Victoria, Beth, me, Barb, Laurie standing and Nancy
Victoria, Nancy, Colleen
Victoria's teapot collection


Kim said…
looks like you had a fun time!!!
so much fun stuff!!!

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