Tips for beating the weather

So today is another hot and humid day. What is new this week right??
We were blessed by the State Inspectors walking into the unit on Monday A.M. so for 2 1/2 days we were under the microscope!!! Record for us the short stay and no conditions I'm proud of TJ and all the staff they did great under the pressure. Of course everyone knows that state can not come and inspect you without something not being right. well we had 2 yeap you got it 2 dead bugs on the floor. Oops!!! so my plan of correction is to buy the biggest lizard I can find to be on bug patrol. Ya I know sick humor. at least it proves that the exterminator is doing his job!
So in honor of the best inspection with the least trauma we have had to date I took the day off. Colleen and I hit Market Square in Chandler, and the shops in downtown Chandler today. Pics below of my treasures.

Kim knows that I have been making paper dresses and ran across a blog where there was a swap for dresses. She encouraged , supported and with a little prodding I did join. Heather from Speckled Egg is the hostess. Our 5 dresses are due in Sept. Below is my submission. This was alot of fun and took me outside my safe zone of doing things but not joining swaps. Thanks to Kim for the little keys!!
My dresses soon to be on there way to the hostess
5 drawer chest from Market Square for only 39 dollars. Now to find a place for it

Other treasures from Market Square and the Front Pallor in Chandler. My favorites are the Halloween Cookie Cutters, the old Mother Goose Book, the post cards and sheet music and the hat stand with a place to store hat pins

Long vintage apron loving this
Jewelry, going to use on a Halloween Project
My pearl and blinged out skull bracelet from a strange little shop in downtown Chandler also the copper bracelet from Colleen that says Live Your Dream


SHOP, SHOP, SHOP.....Why didn't I get invited....Thought I was your favorite daughter.........I'm sooo hurt.

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