Yeap it is Friday and yeap I'm still in my PJ's at 9:30 AM which means yeap I stayed home today. Just call me a slacker!!!!! But I did get most like 90% of my to do list completed at work so this is my reward. Ya and you all believe I have no guilt feelings too right?? any how am home getting gifts wrapped for Sunday's altered book meeting. this is our last meeting with a potluck. Had 2 birthday, hostess and the members gifts to wrap. Thank you Colleen for allowing me to wrap for you hee hee

Still on little dresses kick. Below is the pics of the ones I have done so far. Extra class at Jan's Wed we made some really cute birthday cards so at least I don't have to make cards today.
Ok off the computer and off to tackle my at home to do list and to finish making wrapping paper! Pics of our meeting sunday will be coming. Oh ya and need to find a recipe for a salad for Sunday. as I recall in my last phone conversation with my sister she was supposed to have sent me one hmmmmm guess email is very slow these days


Kim said…
hey these turned out cute! love the little pink dance one!

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