Sunday Already!!

My goodness the week has flown by. I think I say that every week but this week has seemed especially short. Maybe because I took Friday off Thanks to my boss!!!!, who knew I needed a mental health day, or maybe the days really do go by that fast. Anyway it is again Sunday, the first Sunday of August to boot. Oh where did the summer go. It has been miserable this week with lots of monsoon type weather. The pool seems to be a never ending battle with the dirt and leaves! So Friday I worked in my yard, cleaned the house (really cleaned the house), and tried to clean the pool. Finally gave up as I was too hot.
Saturday, yesterday, Colleen and I headed out for a marathon trip to Mystic Paper, Stampbotique, Rust and Roses, Scrapp Happy Sisters and Creative Quest. Yeap we were from one end of Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale to the other. We had a few adventures along the way, as only riding with Colleen can bring. People were bad drivers yesterday and Colleen let them know it! A few wrong turns but all in all we did pretty good. More on purchases down the line.

After I got back, I sat in on the virtual crop at DM. Had trouble getting going but did get 4 layouts done. so without further chatting here are the 4 challenges Mel put up. I couldn't get them to load to the gallery for some reason.
Last challenge I completed was the 8 PM there really are 3 colors of red in this but ya sure can't tell by the photo!
7PM was to journal in strips and cut apart and put on a layout. I had seen a layout done on a canvas at stamboutique so I decided to try to put my interupretation on it for this challenge. I gessoed the paper and the lettering and then made little vellum envelopes for my journaling which I used the label maker for the journaling. Not quite how I wanted it but close. I wish I would have used the canvas I had here to do this. Ok maybe later I will try again.

6PM Mell told us to use a piec of fabric. Now I don't have a ton of fabric so I found this piece that looked Halloweeny to me. No pics as I decided to use the kids Halloween pics from this year. Yeah me I'm one ahead of the game.

And the 5PM challenge Mel wanted negative space. This is so not me and probably one of the hardest for me. I would just love to fill up the other side of this layout. so there you have it my Saturday nite with the virtual crop. Thanks Mel for entertaining me
Ok back to the shopping pictures. I ran through the store at RJ Peddlars to get a quick over view of what I mite want before Ms Colleen snatched up everything. Anybody that has shopped with Colleen knows this. In fact the guys were laughing at us but what is new? so I scored another scale and 2 pieces of white enamel ware, 2 old blue ball canning jars and some jewelry for my altered art. won't even get into what Colleen found!!!! and bought!! All I will say is another homeless baby has a new home among many many many other things

Gate from Mystic Paper side. Hanging this up for a display and memo holder
Last layout in Barbara's book. I'm done and can relax till the 19th. It will be our last exchange

Wednesday nite class August meeting at Jan's house. Fun new technique with alcohol reinkers and black ink. The flower in the pinkish card is the new technique. Of course we used the new stamps and of course we all want more new stamps.

So all in all a good week and a great weekend. Rust & Roses had another new bling piece of jewelry and yeap I couldn't resist. I call it my QUEEN piece. Now to wear it. Do love it as it is pearls and a big blinged out crown. too cool. So hope all are having a gret weekend. On to next week.


Kim said…
LOVE it all!!!!! love the enamel ware and if you can't find a home for it i'm sure i can!

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