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Resurfacing and Joining the World Again

It has been a really long time since I have felt like blogging.  These past few months have left me empty, not wanting to be out and about not wanting to create not wanting to clean   just blah.  Finally I am getting back to a more normal frame of mind.  I can actually get up and look forward to what the day may  bring. I am getting excited again about taking some classes and mingling with the world again.
So Colleen came in on Monday late afternoon.  Her trip to Germany had a change of plans and here she is in hot Arizona I might add.  She will be here at least 2 weeks so I set about signing us up for classes and making a few plans as my work schedule allows.  Friday I took the day off from work and we played all day.  Shopped till we dropped was a very true phrase.  Between the heat and all the shopping by the time we met Karen and Teah for dinner I was done just done!!!  Good thing Cornish Pasty has ice cold beer!!!!  We sat on the patio for dinner and a cool breeze, misters and f…

Happy Birthday TJ

TJ Happy Birthday.  Hoping your day is celebrated exactly as you wish, a day off from work. I am so very proud of you.  You are a caring son, a supportive brother and the most wonderful Uncle.  We all love you so very much.  Your twinkle of mischievous in your eye comes from your Grandfather and has already been passed to your Nephew Anthony.   You make every occasion so special full of laughter and joy. Have a wonderful day Love you Mom

Happy Mother's Day Mom

If Roses grow in Heaven,   Lord please pick a bunch for me,   Place them in my Mother's arms   and tell her they're from me.   Tell her I love her and miss her,   and when she turns to smile,   place a kiss upon her cheek   and hold her for awhile.   Because remembering her is easy,   I do it every day,   but there's an ache within my heart   that will never go away. 
Love and miss you Mom