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FOR TODAY (July 27,2009)...
Outside my window...My dog is barking at someone walking by
I am thinking...It is miserably hot
I am thankful for...My air conditioning
From the learning rooms...
From the kitchen...Having left overs all veggies
I am wearing...PJ's as usual
I am creating...a fabric book
I am watch the final bachelorette tonight go ED
I am reading...The Caveman Diet
I am hoping...It cools off or rains
I am hearing...ABBA on my radio
Around the house...Cleaner and less cluttered than last week
One of my favorite things...Quiet
A few plans for the rest of the week:Stampin Up Wed nite, feed daughters cats every day till they ge back
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

My Grandfather and his brother
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Time goes by

It is so hard to believe a week has passed since I was in Cali and Big Bear. I guess I must be in withdrawl as I sure do miss the "girls".
It was a relatively quiet week at work. Other than some staffing issues that drive me nuts it was all in all a good week.

The Doc is running another Marathon is San Francisco this weekend. he is joined again with his brother and friend Walter. Better them than me. I couldn't do it. I would imagine they are all exhausted tonight,

Yesterday TJ came in from Casa Grande and we picked up our Bountiful Baskets and split them up. TJ and I did a bit of shopping at Target and then he headed home. We were supposed to have a family lunch but Anthony was under the weather so that was out. Jenn Sadera and I had pedi's done and then went to lunch at Wildflower. Good food as usual.
Jen and family headed to San Diego this AM and are spending the week enjoying cooler temps so they hope. I am hoping Anthony is better. I am on cat duty. Since she watch…

I coulda, shoulda, woulda but instead.........

So today was my administrative day at home. Love these days of sitting in my PJs and working but..... I had 6 lbs of Rainer Cherries going to go bad in my refrigerator if I didn't do something (as someone forgot to take them home with her while I was gone and she shall remain nameless!). So I got busy on Bountiful Baskets' message board and the Internet and came up with 2 recipes to try. Both have turned out exceptional. The iced tea is so refreshing and the jam tasted yummy. Can't wait for it to set up.
My ice tea steeping

Jam setting up

And meanwhile my work is sitting patiently for me to return to it. Guess what it will be there tomorrow! So I am not worried

Then I was surprised by Mr Fed Ex delivering the beautiful pink flower ball to my house. I won this on Kim C blog. I need to find a special place to hang it. In fact if I don't get it hidden I am betting Ms Sadera will want it for her room.

Ok that is all I have for now . Trying to get more pics to upload from the we…

Continuing my quest of going green

In my quest to simplify, improve/preserve the environment I have started doing little things to go "green". My latest passion is soap nuts. Got my package yesterday from the Green Goat etsy site. So far I have done 4 loads of laundry and I have to say I am in love!!!!! It does exactly what they claim. No laundry soap no fabric softeners clean fresh smell and it is good for my washing machine and the environment and it is cheaper than laundry soap. Plus when I am finished with them in the laundry I can boil them to make an environmental safe cleaner, grind them to make a cleanser or throw them in a compost pile. Yeap going green is getting interesting. Now if I could just recycle better!

California Dreaming

I am back from a most wonderful week end in California. It was a girl friends crafting week end. Sweet Kim Caldwell organized the most special week end for 12 of us at Big Bear. What a special, fun creative time it was. I can't begin to express my thanks and gratitude to Kim and all the lovely sweet ladies that were there. From the swaps to all the goodies and the classes it was a great weekend. Thanks to all of you for an experience I won't forget

So backing up a bit... Kim H and I flew in to Cali Wed nite. Early Thursday we headed out for pedicures and then to get Jessie. We all shopped a bit and had a yummy dinner and headed over to Oasis for Kim's class Welcome to My Neighborhood. I wasn't able to complete it so when it is finished I will post pics. Fun class.

Friday am it was up and off up the big hill to Big Bear. Lots of twisting, winding roads had many of the group feeling ill. After a wonderful lunch Holly taught us a collaged hanging. That I was able …
FOR TODAY July 21, 2009)...
Outside my window...Hot muggy air and dark
I am thinking... How grateful I am for a wonderful week-end
I am thankful for...Girl friends, laughter and great conversations
From the learning rooms...Patience
From the kitchen...salad
I am wearing... PJ's
I am creating... classes to finish up
I am bed soon
I am reading...Nothing right now
I am hoping... I sleep tonight
I am hearing...the fans whirring
Around the house...cluttered and messy
One of my favorite things...Diet Pepsi today
A few plans for the rest of the week:Family lunch Saturday
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Flying the Coop

Well these days of the oven have finally gotten to me and I am off and flying to California for the weekend. Looking forward to cooler temps that is for sure.
I am flying with Kim H as she is teaching a class Thursday evening at Oasis Scrapbooking. This looks like a fun and unique class as only Kim can do.
Friday AM we are heading up to Big Bear for a weekend of cool temperatures and relaxation. Can't wait to get out of this heat and cool off!!!!
So will sign off till Monday. Stay cool all my AZ family and friends

For Today

FOR TODAY (July 13,2009)...
Outside my window...Birds are chirping away it is a bright hot sunny day
I am thinking.Thank heavens the surveyors are gone and we can have a "normal" work day
I am thankful for...A mini vacation starting Wed
From the learning rooms...
From the kitchen...Lots of fresh fruits and veggies
I am wearing...skirt and top
I am creating...Nothing right now
I am going...To Cali Wed
I am reading... Same book I am slow these days
I am hoping...All goes well while I am gone
I am hearing...Fans whirling
Around the house...Looking better than last week
One of my favorite things...My coffee and quiet time in the mornings
A few plans for the rest of the week: Cali Cali Cali
Here is picture thought I am sharing...My daily supplements

Week in Review

What a long stressful week and somehow it flew right by. TJ arrived safely home from Iowa Wed afternoon with another horrible trip thanks to US Airways and cats. He is allergic to cats so you can imagine his plane ride next to the lady with the cat was not on his happy list. We both agreed no more trips with them
Surveyors showed up Tuesday and had us jumping through hoops for 3 days. Glad they are gone and now we wait to see what we need to fix to please them! It would be so nice to not have anything to fix but guess they wouldn't have a job then!!!!!

Saturday bright and early TJ drove back into Chandler and we went and picked up our Bountiful Baskets. I ordered 2 this week so the 3 of us could split. It pays to read completely the fine print as I ordered what I thought was one bread package and 1 case of Ranier cherries. Oops when we got there we discovered that I had ordered 2 of everything. So 10 loaves of bread and 32 lbs of cherries were awaiting us. Oh well we had a good laug…
FOR TODAY (Monday July 6,2009)...
Outside my window...crickets chirping annoying me
I am thinking... How quickly the days are flying by
I am thankful for...TJ getting to spend time with my family in Iowa
From the learning rooms...I learned lots of computer code as work computer crashed and TJ is gone help!!!
From the kitchen... made an apple crisp yesterday
I am wearing... PJ's
I am creating... Tags for some gift bags
I am going...To watch the Bachelorette
I am reading... My Sisters Keeper again on my Kindle
I am hoping... We get some rain and Colleen and Baby Ella are ok after a spill
I am hearing... The news on TV
Around the house... Picked up and cleaned
One of my favorite things...fresh strawberries
A few plans for the rest of the week:work work work and class on Saturday
Here is picture thought I am sharing...(missing TJ)

A Bountiful Weekend

It has been a quiet 4th for me. I celebrated last nite by eating my daughter's homemade from scratch including the lasagna noodles lasagna. It was so good and with it I had a salad with lots of fresh veggies. Then I listened to my neighbor shooting off fireworks from his front yards. I was afraid his house, the neighbors or mine would be going up in flames. But nope we all survived.
Saturday started with Bountiful Basket pick-up. This week it was organic plus we added the picnic pack of watermelon, cantaloupe and blueberries. Lots of yummy veggies and fruits with more apples and peaches yikes!!!!
The blueberries and strawberries are so yummy. I have been snacking away on them. I made one batch of strawberry jam as I knew I couldn't eat all those berries.
The veggie pack had fresh green beans, squash,cucumbers, celery, bak choy and kale. I need recipes for the kale and bak choy.

Today I cut up the cantaloupe and it is juicy and sweet so good. I made an apple crisp with just some of…

Celebrating the 4th in Iowa

TJ is in Iowa celebrating the 4th with my family. My sister Jo being the good little sister that she is, sent me these photos today.
Looks quite a bit cooler there than it is here.
Happy 4th from Iowa!

Happy 4th

Wishing all my family in Iowa and all my friends a safe and Happy 4th of July
Please remember our troops serving on this day. May they be safe

I am off to Bountiful Baskets again this am to pick up my veggies and fruit baskets Can't wait