Week in Review

What a long stressful week and somehow it flew right by. TJ arrived safely home from Iowa Wed afternoon with another horrible trip thanks to US Airways and cats. He is allergic to cats so you can imagine his plane ride next to the lady with the cat was not on his happy list. We both agreed no more trips with them
Surveyors showed up Tuesday and had us jumping through hoops for 3 days. Glad they are gone and now we wait to see what we need to fix to please them! It would be so nice to not have anything to fix but guess they wouldn't have a job then!!!!!

Saturday bright and early TJ drove back into Chandler and we went and picked up our Bountiful Baskets. I ordered 2 this week so the 3 of us could split. It pays to read completely the fine print as I ordered what I thought was one bread package and 1 case of Ranier cherries. Oops when we got there we discovered that I had ordered 2 of everything. So 10 loaves of bread and 32 lbs of cherries were awaiting us. Oh well we had a good laugh. We got it all split up and I had a class so everyone was off.

Class with Josie at Mystic Paper was the best. We did a soldered vintage canning jar lid. What fun and my soldering was the best I have done yet yahoo

It was home to tackle the pool, laundry and clean. Somehow I laid down and the next thing I knew it was 7PM Needless to say not much was accomplished. Today has been much better. Pool has chemicals and I have swept and swept. Laundry is done needs to be folded and the cleaning well it will get done tomorrow:)

Here is my soldered jar lid

Just a small portion of the veggies and fruits

And the cherries

And the chocolate supplements my sister has me on. I am open minded and giving it a month to see how it goes. One good thing I get chocolate 3 times a day:)


Maija said…
What is Bountiful Baskets? Those cherries look so yummy!!!!!

I can't believe TJ had to suffer through a trip with a cat. I thought the airlines couldn't do that!

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