FOR TODAY (July 27,2009)...
Outside my window...My dog is barking at someone walking by
I am thinking...It is miserably hot
I am thankful for...My air conditioning
From the learning rooms...
From the kitchen...Having left overs all veggies
I am wearing...PJ's as usual
I am creating...a fabric book
I am watch the final bachelorette tonight go ED
I am reading...The Caveman Diet
I am hoping...It cools off or rains
I am hearing...ABBA on my radio
Around the house...Cleaner and less cluttered than last week
One of my favorite things...Quiet
A few plans for the rest of the week:Stampin Up Wed nite, feed daughters cats every day till they ge back
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

My Grandfather and his brother
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Sandy Michelle said…
I loved reading your break down of the day. I often stay in my pjs all morning too! I watched the Bachelorette and LOVED it!!! Have a great weekend!!

Sandy :)

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