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completed projects

I spent this past weekend finishing up class projects, getting photos on them and just playing. I take lots of classes and don't always get them completed. So here is a pic of Kim's class LOVE. I really LOVED this class and Kim helped me find the perfect paper for my living room for the project

Another class I took with Michelle and it was finished except for the pic. So found a good pic of my daughter Jenn and her family. Done. Now on to more incomplete projects

Two famous friends

EDITED*** to add Kim's pic I have her permission

I am one lucky person to have "TWO" famous friends both receiving recognition this week. Kim Hesson had a photo she took in Omaha published on Schmap. I would have posted her picture but it is 5 AM and since I am sure she is sound asleep I can't ask for her permission so jump on over to her blog and check it out

I had told you that Colleen is being exhibited at the Paper Studio with her altered book in "Books Gone Wild"exhibit. I couldn't post her postcard earlier so here it is. Colleen's book is in the bottom right corner
So a big congrats to both of you!!!! What fun and what fun it is being your friend

weed weed weeds

What a beautiful day this is. The sun is out and there is a slight breeze. Perfect day for helping "Grandma" get all those weeds out of her yard. TJ came in from Casa Grande and fixed my computer so I can once again post to my blog. Jenn, John, Sadera and Anthony showed up to help. They went to work trimming bushes and trees and trying to rid my yard of the weeds that had taken over. After filling the garbage bin plus the back of TJ's truck we called it quits and went to a well deserved lunch at the Vine. Good day and my yard is much improved until the next rain

Card class at Jan's Wed nite. We made 3 cards and embellished a tin with the new Stampin Up rubons

Celebrity among us

Sorry this post is without a picture but blogger is giving me problems this am.
I just wanted to let you all know that Ms Colleen is a star!!!!! She is presently being exhibited with her altered book at the Paper Studio in Tempe, "Books Gone Wild". A reception was held yesterday. Collen gave me a card that has a picture of her project on it but since I am not being allowed to post it due to technical difficulties I will just give her a high five, way to go. Hopefully I can get the pic posted tonight.
We are so proud and happy for you Colleen.

Free at Last Well Sort Of

Friday was "the day" my cast came off after 4+ weeks. My leg looked like it has had a horrible sunburn and was in the peeling stage. So anyway on to stage two and an IROM brace. well that little thing is two pieces of foam and velcro straps and metal bar down each side of my knee. I was so not impressed with the cost of the brace and the product. Let me just say $1000.00 for this is highly over rated. Luckily I only had to pick up $100 of it. So from the brace to the ortho doc and xrays. Knee looks good and now on to more intensive rehab therapy. We worked really hard on knee rehab this week, so slowly ever so slowly I was making progress (till the cast came off) Now it seems to me we are at square one again. I am told to be positive by the end of next week I will be walking without crutches. Guess we will see. So that is the Me update for family
I am busy working on a swap "How Does Your Garden Grow" for the Creativity in Bloom event in March at Devine…

Quick weekend recap

Surprise !! two posts in two days what is up with that?? Had a good weekend, the first in a while. I feel rested, painfree and I accomplished a whole lot despite the handicap of crutches and cast.
Sat, TJ came to haul me to the bank to take care of business. After a very long wait it only took about 15 minutes to get a cashier's check and we were on our way.
IKEA was stop number 2. I guess I forgot to say that TJ drives a big big Dodge pickup. I'm sure I was quite the site trying to get into it. Step stools are wonderful things.
Anyway we made it to IKEA and I managed with very little difficulty to walk the entire upper and lower level. We did have fun and I got to look at lots of "stuff" We managed to buy a little bit too.

One of my great buys was my lights. I so missed my Christmas tree lights so I substituted these. They are really soft and pretty and to top it off I managed to hang them by myself. Just don't ask how I did it. Well Kim knows my secret…

Week in Pics

Another busy but productive week. I seem to have accomplished much more than anticipated and am slowly getting caught up with paper work. Yeah me.
Just a quick update as I am sure everyone is tired of my woes. I have done well this week. Strength and stamina are improving daily, mobility is improving and my weight training and knee rehab are going very well. Slowly ever so slowly the left thigh muscle is coming back. Next Friday I will be liberated from my cast and put in some type of knee brace and then I can really start the rehab thing. enough said

So lots of little things to report, but will do it in pics. Grab your favorite beverage as this is long!!!
I joined a Valentine Tag Swap with Heather at Speckled Egg. Yesterday our tags arrived and what fun it was to go through them and see all the different techniques. Heather included a great little package of goodies. Thanks Heather.
She divided the tags into pink and red groups.
Pink group

Another pic of the pink group

Red group


Pretty In PINK!!!!

Monday was a good day for me. Let's just say by Monday AM I had had it with my 2nd purple cast. I was WHINING and complaining as I was pretty uncomfortable. The cast once again had slipped and was riding on my ankle and heel. Miserable. So into the rescue come TJ (the wizard of knowing who to call to order anything) and Dr Letarte. TJ had ordered new cast "stuff" last week just for this exact occasion. Following the removal and re-applying of my new cast I was feeling a whole lot better and all is right in my world again. Not only does the cast fit better but it is shorter on my thigh so I can now sit and shorter on my lower leg so it doesn't ride on my ankles. Thanks Dr Letarte, TJ and Claudia for rescuing the whiney spoiled person yesterday. Be warned the pic of my leg without the cast is disgusting as I have no muscle left in my thigh!!!!!
And to top the day off I had my haircut and colored last night. So ya I would say a good day for me
Today we hit it…

Super Saturday

Another week of hobbling around on crutches. Actually I am getting pretty good at it. 12 more days and I am hopefully out of the cast and into my brace and on to therapy. Wahoo.
Pretty quiet week just work and sleep is about what I accomplished.
Sat was a soldering class at Mystic Paper with Josie C. Wonderful, fantastic, great, fun class. I learned so much and my six found "treasures" turned out pretty good. I was pleased. That was pretty much the extent of my excitement for Sat
Today Jenn came over and took me to get a new phone. Yeah people now maybe I can talk more than 5 minutes. Picked up a few groceries and did some laundry and that is the extent of Sunday. Going to veg on the couch and watch the Super Bowl commercials and then an early nite.

Finally was able to finish my Valentine banner from Candice Carpenter class at Melrose

Ta da my soldered Found Treasures bracelet

More tomorrow stay tuned