Free at Last Well Sort Of

Friday was "the day" my cast came off after 4+ weeks. My leg looked like it has had a horrible sunburn and was in the peeling stage. So anyway on to stage two and an IROM brace. well that little thing is two pieces of foam and velcro straps and metal bar down each side of my knee. I was so not impressed with the cost of the brace and the product. Let me just say $1000.00 for this is highly over rated. Luckily I only had to pick up $100 of it. So from the brace to the ortho doc and xrays. Knee looks good and now on to more intensive rehab therapy. We worked really hard on knee rehab this week, so slowly ever so slowly I was making progress (till the cast came off) Now it seems to me we are at square one again. I am told to be positive by the end of next week I will be walking without crutches. Guess we will see. So that is the Me update for family
I am busy working on a swap "How Does Your Garden Grow" for the Creativity in Bloom event in March at Devine Memories. We need to make 12-3x3 ATC type cards and then package them. I am having fun doing that. I have a big mess in my kitchen but hey when you create I guess that is part of the game.
Going to have a quiet weekend here just creating, doing laundry and what not

My new IROM brace cute huh??

Sneak peek of my 3x3 collage

Sneak peek of tags


Kim said…
love your tags that your working on! sounds like you are staying busy. did you find a banana with protein??? :)

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