Quick weekend recap

Surprise !! two posts in two days what is up with that?? Had a good weekend, the first in a while. I feel rested, painfree and I accomplished a whole lot despite the handicap of crutches and cast.
Sat, TJ came to haul me to the bank to take care of business. After a very long wait it only took about 15 minutes to get a cashier's check and we were on our way.
IKEA was stop number 2. I guess I forgot to say that TJ drives a big big Dodge pickup. I'm sure I was quite the site trying to get into it. Step stools are wonderful things.
Anyway we made it to IKEA and I managed with very little difficulty to walk the entire upper and lower level. We did have fun and I got to look at lots of "stuff" We managed to buy a little bit too.

One of my great buys was my lights. I so missed my Christmas tree lights so I substituted these. They are really soft and pretty and to top it off I managed to hang them by myself. Just don't ask how I did it. Well Kim knows my secret but she isn't telling right Kim???

TJ found this wonderful high chair for my scrap room as I can't stand like I am used to doing. To top it off only $14 dollars. Can't beat that. Love IKEA!!! It is the perfect height for my table.

So it was a great day and we ended it with a very late lunch with Jenn, John, Anthony and Sadera at the Macaroni Grill. Good good food.
Today was laundry, all done, folded and put away, mopped floors and even managed to solder a microscope charm. Great day
So it is back to work tomorrow and 5 days and counting till Friday and my next adventure of cast off brace on.


Kim said…
what? lights? i don't know what your talking about! :)
they are cute though!
Michelle Devine said…
Cute lights! And I love the pink cast. Glad to see your doing well. I miss you guys!
Cute lights! How cheerful! I love the taller chair...I always stand at my craft hutch, too! I've never been to an Ikea store...I know a lot of people who love shopping there! I think the nearest one is 5 hours away!

Take care!

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