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Today was the day Colleen picked for her and Beth to celebrate my birthday (which isn't until next Sunday). Colleen made reservations at Olive & Ivey in Scottsdale. It is a beautiful resturant and we got to meet Amy's husband who is just so nice. Meal was fantastic and the celebration was over the top. It is our tradition with the 3 of us that we make a hat for the birthday girl which she is required to wear. Colleen found a beautiful headband type thing with a beautiful flower on it. The challenge was to get it on and have my hair look decent. I finally just let my hair dry naturally so all the curls sprung up. Below is a pic of my headband Colleen taking pics of us
My cake which was so good!!!! Note the Happy Birthday written in frosting. Too cute!!
I loved these hanging lights
Gifts: the rooster plate from Beth & Pete to add to my collection, the red brayer that glue doesn't stick to, an awl (lethal weapon) and a Waterford perfume bottle to add …

Good & Sad

Yesterday Jan, Colleen and I went over to Hospice to see a dear courageous friend. Michelle was admitted to inpatient hospice on Sunday. I have to say the facility was beautiful and the staff some of the most loving caring nurses I have seen in a long while. With Don her husband at her side she was pleased to see us. As usual Michelle had that twinkle in her eye and her wicked sense of humor was still present. We all laughed about her ice spilling escapade at 2 in the morning and Michelle not calling in her drop dead gorgeous male nurse to clean her up and change the linens. It was good to see Michelle and express are love for her. Tears were never far from our eyes and there were a couple of moments that all of us were pretty teary. We love you Michelle, your inspiration, your devotion to your autistic class, your love of nature, and that wicked wicked sense of humor that always keeps us laughing. You are a positive inspiration to all who meet you. We will miss you terribly…

2006-2007 School pics

Sadera's first scrapbook page. Sadera used all the supplies I have given her and scrapped at her new desk (my old base cabinets from my room) This is her page. we are all in awe of her talents and yes!!!!!! she loves scrapbooking. She is now designing her BD invitations You go Sadera Anthony's school pic

Sadera's school pic

Sunday in sunny Arizona

Well it is a partly sunny, slightly breezy day in Arizona. Where is my warm (yes I like it hot) weather! It has been a great weekend so far. No Friday off for me so it seems like the weekend has flown by.
For starters I have show and tell. No it is not the coveted Hummer that I want and no it is not the new Jeep Commander I want!!!!
Drum roll please for all you non-believers take a look.........
Yeap tags on my OLD jeeep I'm legal till 2008 whoopee

So yesterday was the big scrapbook convention in Mesa. And Colleen and I went only because our favorite store Devine Memories had a booth and we wanted to support them and hang out with the girls! Getting there was fun. Parking there was not FUN. Just ask Colleen why she has grass stain across her trunk of her Mercedes. Ya all know Colleen's famous line it is a Mercedes it withstands anything and you will never be killed in a Mercedes. Well ask the tree who won!!!!
So any way we made the tour of the booths and neither of us were too imp…

Productive weekend

I took Friday off to #1 recuperate from last weekend, #2 mental health day and #3 go renew my tags. Yes everyone I am a slacker but I had my emmissions testing done, registered or renewed on line and lo and behold my tags were in my mailbox on Saturday. Yeap they are now on my car. I'm legal oh yeah. In fact they are good till 2008. So that started out my morning. I pretty much worked in my scraproom all day. Finished up the 2nd set of recipe cards for a swap I'm in and started invitations/ announcements for a potluck at work. So here is my weekend in pictures

The illegal jeep. Guess I will need to get pictures of the new tags Saturday Colleen and I headed to Mesa to the Peddlars Wife for a bit of antiquing. Kim and Aliya walked in while were there so we had lunch with them and then decided to head to Phoenix to Rust and Roses our new favorite place.

This a little form I picked up at Peddlars Wife/Mystic Paper. Of course Colleen got the big one and one like mine


Easter weekend

This has been another fun long weekend. I can't believe it is over already and I can't believe how much I accomplished and did this weekend. But for now I'm tired and really not looking forward to work tomorrow.

So I guess I will go backwards from today to Friday. Today was family gathering at my house for Easter. I wanted to do a few things differently and I did and they turned out great. First simple foods. I made individual quiches in muffin tins, egg casserole, ham, potatoes in pasta shells, deviled eggs. Easy and effortless. Then it came to Easter baskets. I knew the grandkids were going over to the exlaws first and would be filled with candy and CRAP so I did baskets with DVD's, games, and of course a craft as well as a little candy. Then I took a ball of yarn for each basket and a rubber ducky courtsey of Walmart and tied one end of the yarn around the duck and put it out in the driveway. I then wound my way throughout the house till I ran out of yarn a…

End of the Weekend

This has been a long weekend but a very fun weekend. Friday I had to put a new tire on the jeep oh yeah!! I love putting money into my jeep. But at least I can drive safely now. Sat was my cleaning, laundry and clean pool day. Got to hang with the group at DM Sat nite and that was fun.

Today we went to Victoria's for our Altered Book Club Meeting. It was a beautiful day in the desert. We had a great time exchanging and sharing the books we worked in. After the show and tell of our books, Colleen demonstrated some alcohol ink techniques. Colleen was so generous with all the stuff she gave us. We had a ball with all the inks.

"Our Altered Art Book Club " Gals. Back row left to right Laurie, Barbara, Colleen. Front row: left to right: Victoria, Beth and me. Colleen's demonstration with the alcohol inks. I stamped Mona Lisa, Mother Nature in red, and the Peacock Lady. This was so much fun.
Great busy weekend and now to a busy week ahead. later all