Today was the day Colleen picked for her and Beth to celebrate my birthday (which isn't until next Sunday). Colleen made reservations at Olive & Ivey in Scottsdale. It is a beautiful resturant and we got to meet Amy's husband who is just so nice. Meal was fantastic and the celebration was over the top. It is our tradition with the 3 of us that we make a hat for the birthday girl which she is required to wear. Colleen found a beautiful headband type thing with a beautiful flower on it. The challenge was to get it on and have my hair look decent. I finally just let my hair dry naturally so all the curls sprung up. Below is a pic of my headband Colleen taking pics of us
My cake which was so good!!!! Note the Happy Birthday written in frosting. Too cute!!
I loved these hanging lights
Gifts: the rooster plate from Beth & Pete to add to my collection, the red brayer that glue doesn't stick to, an awl (lethal weapon) and a Waterford perfume bottle to add to my collection from Colleen
And a red food scale that I had been searching for from Colleen plus an old window for me to alter. Too much. I so appreciate my celebration. Good food, good friends what more could I need. Great day
So it is back to reality of laundry and getting ready to start a new work week. Hope all had a great weekend


Kim said…
wow i love all the photos!!!!! it sure looks like you had a gr8 time! and dang it i love that red scale!!! so glad it was a good day! happy early b-day!
Michelle Devine said…
Looks like a great day Sherry. Great friends, awesome gifts, yummy food. Happy early b-day
kimberlykwan said…
happy day!
looks like you got some great loot and some even better pals!

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