Sunday in sunny Arizona

Well it is a partly sunny, slightly breezy day in Arizona. Where is my warm (yes I like it hot) weather! It has been a great weekend so far. No Friday off for me so it seems like the weekend has flown by.
For starters I have show and tell. No it is not the coveted Hummer that I want and no it is not the new Jeep Commander I want!!!!
Drum roll please for all you non-believers take a look.........
Yeap tags on my OLD jeeep I'm legal till 2008 whoopee

So yesterday was the big scrapbook convention in Mesa. And Colleen and I went only because our favorite store Devine Memories had a booth and we wanted to support them and hang out with the girls! Getting there was fun. Parking there was not FUN. Just ask Colleen why she has grass stain across her trunk of her Mercedes. Ya all know Colleen's famous line it is a Mercedes it withstands anything and you will never be killed in a Mercedes. Well ask the tree who won!!!!
So any way we made the tour of the booths and neither of us were too impressed. Nothing new and exciting for the most part. We stopped at the Pazzels booth and demo'd their cutting machines. Neither of us were that impressed as the learning curve was a bit high for us computer challenged people. But the Devine Memories booth was a hit. Not only was it the cutest booth there (you guys did an awesome job decorating and setting it up) they had the most unique and fun stuff. Below is a small sampling of my purchases
The clip-it-up I think I'm really going to like this once I figure out how to organize it
Some of Kim's awesome wood cutouts. Loved them all but the birds and crowns were my favorites and then the packs of empherma were great too

My very own DM t-shirt with bling

Chalks from another booth. Not sold on these yet need to play more

These Mists that were in the booth next to DM Love these and now I want more colors
And finally the 3 layouts I did in Colleen's book. Colleen's book is fun to do the layouts as she is so free that what ever you do she likes!!!

So there you have it another weekend in my life


Kim said…
sherry it was so fun seeing you 2 yesterday! totally forgot to buy the sprays!(sad) i have to say i LOVE your pages for colleens book. my favorite is the bug one! i can't wait to see it in person!

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