Easter weekend

This has been another fun long weekend. I can't believe it is over already and I can't believe how much I accomplished and did this weekend. But for now I'm tired and really not looking forward to work tomorrow.

So I guess I will go backwards from today to Friday. Today was family gathering at my house for Easter. I wanted to do a few things differently and I did and they turned out great. First simple foods. I made individual quiches in muffin tins, egg casserole, ham, potatoes in pasta shells, deviled eggs. Easy and effortless. Then it came to Easter baskets. I knew the grandkids were going over to the exlaws first and would be filled with candy and CRAP so I did baskets with DVD's, games, and of course a craft as well as a little candy. Then I took a ball of yarn for each basket and a rubber ducky courtsey of Walmart and tied one end of the yarn around the duck and put it out in the driveway. I then wound my way throughout the house till I ran out of yarn and tied the basket to the end. After 4 baskets you literally couldn't walk in the house. I was on my belly slithering throughout the maze. It was a sight.
Saturday was the big Autism event at Devine Memories. Had a blast and took a great class with Sandy, Michelle and Kim, then 2 make-n-takes and an over the top dinner courstsey of Amy and her husband. The raffel baskets were a riot to say the least with Colleen winning her Rusty Pickel. I was lucky oh so lucky and won a tote bag, gift certificate and Kim Kwan's mini album kit. Great nite tons of fun and all for A GREAT CAUSE
Friday again was Autism event and I took a great class with Teresa Collins and drum roll please WON the big Junkitz give away basket wahoo was I excited so below are tons of pics of the weekend

Anthony playing horse shoes
TJ and Sadera annoyed iwas taking their pic when the were playing a game

Easter table note most of it was disposable due to my simplyfing

working through the maze

Part of the maze

more maze

little ducks

baskets and ducks

Junkitz make-n-take

The NOISY table in the back he he


My winning basket


Kim said…
dang you were busy! love the idea with the baskets. i bet the kids loved it! love all the photos! tomorrow i'll have a tiny bit of recoupe time.

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