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63 years and counting

Happy 63rd Anniversary Mom & Dad
Many more years of happiness is my wish for you

Here it is Sunday already

Another busy weekend that seems to rapidly passed by. It is hot so very hot but our summer is just getting started. I expect it will get hotter before long. Have to say glad for air conditioning. Last year we lost our air conditioning at work and suffered a few days. So far we have a cool facility with happy patients and staff.

Yesterday I took a class at Paper Vineyard with Tina. She taught an altered 6x6 canvas frame. We used alot of techniques on the frame and I am happy with how mine turned out. To make the day even better PV was having a sale. Oh ya more paper!! We all just know how paper deprived I am:) It was a good day. Jean took the classroom photos thanks Jean
My cover. I changed it up a little and put family on the cover instead of the inside back page of the frame

Used the wedding pic of my parents

Colleen and I in the class

Journal cover for the online journal class. I am just getting started but have enjoyed the step outs, downloads and actually making my journ…

Sitting On the Fence

I have been admiring many of the Art Journals that fellow bloggers have been creating. I so wanted to do one but..... I never took the leap to actually sign up for an online course. Today is the day!! I am in awe of Maija's journals and the classes she is taking from Hope. So I climbed off the fence, put my insecurities and I can't do this aside and signed up for her online course. I am excited to get going and delve in. Let's see how I do. Thanks Maija for the inspiration

Celebrating Father's day

Today is about celebrating the Fathers in our families. I count myself very lucky to have a wonderful, caring and supportive Father. I am just as blessed to have a son-in-law that has taken on the responsibility of a ready made family. From day 1 he has bonded, guided and loved Jennifer's children, my grandchildren. John has been more of a Father to them than their biological father every will. So today we honored John. Where better to celebrate than at the Cornish Pasty. This is rapidly growing to be a family favorite. If only we could convince TJ to drive down and join us!!!
So, as usual we had too much food but lots of good conversations and laughter.
It was way way too hot to eat on the patio so we elected to eat indoors sitting in the church pews. Almost ha ha like being in church this Sunday am.

Sadera, John and Anthony

New to me beer, Tangerine Wheat Beer. Not for everyone but it was ice cold and refreshing and went well with the food

Jennifer's sausage salad. Oh …

Happy Father's Day

Today is a day to honor our Fathers. For me my Dad has been the rock I leaned on growing up. Dad imparted his values, ethics, honesty. He taught all of us the importance of family. Although I can't be there to celebrate with you today Dad, you are inn my thoughts. Talk soon. Love you

Sunday Ramblings in Pics

It is Sunday and another weekend is winding down. A rest full, quiet weekend. The weather was a bit cooler and that was nice. I was able to get more yard work done namely raking raking raking. I raked, the wind blew and I raked. Kind of my mantra for the past couple of days. It seems like monsoons to me, but according to the experts it is not. Big clouds very strong winds and dust and sand filling the pool and the house. Nope not monsoons.

My tomato plant growing upside down now has a tomato. Yeah!!!

I was at Mystic Paper yesterday and scored new to me Pink Paislee and October Afternoon papers. Been busy doing a few layouts. It has been a log time since I scrapped layouts. Took me a long time to complete this one

While at Mystic I spied the Big Shot and couldn't resist the deal offered. I purchased it and brought home another tool!! Now I no longer need to hold Colleen's hostage as I have my own.

And lastly my Grand Daughter is turning into DUCT TAPE QUEEN. She is mak…

SHE/HE and a mess

My goodness another week has flown by. I was able to take today off and it has been PJ's all day for me. A quiet artsy day listening to one of my favorite CD's" Il Divo"

My swaps for Kim's July event are done and in the mail. This will be another wonderful, full of surprises, great classes and catching up with friends in July. Kim's events are the very best and I can't wait to attend.

The weather here is cloudy,windy and plain miserable on the allergies so a perfect excuse for me to continue to be a house hermit, and so I worked on completing with unfinished projects.
I just finished putting together Carol Wingert's last 2 kits that I had ordered. Both were challenging and I am so glad that I had ordered both kits. I had a lot of printed pictures of my parents and their parents laying in a drawer. I was able to get alot of them in these two albums. What a sense of accomplishment to complete these two. Now it is back to finishing up more of…

Winding Down The Weekend

Welcome to hot sunny Arizona. The weather has decided it is summer so we are in our 100 degree +++ days. I turned into an inside homebody this weekend. Just didn't feel like getting out there in that heat. I did have to make a Trader Joe's run today and am sure glad I did. Lots of yummy fruits and vegetables to be bought. and boy did I buy them. Now I have to eat them all!

I am still struggling getting into this 3 hour diet. I have to say it works well when I follow it but eating every 3 hours is so so not me. Breakfast is a hard one . I made up a big pot of Organic Steel Cut oatmeal and am having that with blueberries every morning. My snacks not a problem. I am a good snacker. Lunches big problem as we usually don't eat lunch except on Thursdays which is Taco day. So again I pre-planned and have lunches all fixed for the week. Hoping it is a better week for this diet.
Steel cut oatmeal and fruit.

While at Trader Joe's I spied the heirloom tomatoes and p…