Winding Down The Weekend

Welcome to hot sunny Arizona. The weather has decided it is summer so we are in our 100 degree +++ days. I turned into an inside homebody this weekend. Just didn't feel like getting out there in that heat. I did have to make a Trader Joe's run today and am sure glad I did. Lots of yummy fruits and vegetables to be bought. and boy did I buy them. Now I have to eat them all!

I am still struggling getting into this 3 hour diet. I have to say it works well when I follow it but eating every 3 hours is so so not me. Breakfast is a hard one . I made up a big pot of Organic Steel Cut oatmeal and am having that with blueberries every morning. My snacks not a problem. I am a good snacker. Lunches big problem as we usually don't eat lunch except on Thursdays which is Taco day. So again I pre-planned and have lunches all fixed for the week. Hoping it is a better week for this diet.
Steel cut oatmeal and fruit.

While at Trader Joe's I spied the heirloom tomatoes and potatoes. I picked up the tomatoes and am so glad I did.
So lunch was mini pitas, sliced heirloom tomato and tomato basil humus yum yum yum

Added this sweet stained glass hummingbird to the patio. He is a gift from my SW at the unit. Brightens up the dull patio

Another vine getting ready to bloom. This one has the tiniest yellow flowers

My hibiscus yesterday ready to bloom

Full bloom today.

Tomato plant still hanging in there

Memorial Day I went over to Jenn's for a BBQ. John and Anthony did the grilling and it was delicious. The chicken and fish burgers were really tasty. Humus, beet tortilla chips and rice krispie bars and my favorite pretzel M&M's. We had a great meal and were able to catch up on all the happenings.

So that is my weekends and it is back to work for me tomorrow. At least I won't be a day off this week. Last week was challenging as I was always a day off:)


Tina said… I want to hear more about the 3 hour diet and also...what are pretzel M&M's?? Burning questions! :D
Kim said…
Oh yum all the food sounds wonderful! Good luck with the diet! and yes what are pretzel m&m's??? can't wait to see how the tomatoes work out!
Ditto to what Tina said and also... fish burger? Sounds like something I might like.
Sandy Michelle said…
I have never seen tomatos in those colors before. I also never experienced being so hot that I had to stay indoors. It's unheard of in!

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