Here it is Sunday already

Another busy weekend that seems to rapidly passed by. It is hot so very hot but our summer is just getting started. I expect it will get hotter before long. Have to say glad for air conditioning. Last year we lost our air conditioning at work and suffered a few days. So far we have a cool facility with happy patients and staff.

Yesterday I took a class at Paper Vineyard with Tina. She taught an altered 6x6 canvas frame. We used alot of techniques on the frame and I am happy with how mine turned out. To make the day even better PV was having a sale. Oh ya more paper!! We all just know how paper deprived I am:) It was a good day. Jean took the classroom photos thanks Jean
My cover. I changed it up a little and put family on the cover instead of the inside back page of the frame

Used the wedding pic of my parents

Colleen and I in the class

Journal cover for the online journal class. I am just getting started but have enjoyed the step outs, downloads and actually making my journal.

1st completed page

Every week I have an ongoing challenge with myself to seek out at least 1 new thing at Trader Joe's to try. Well this week there are 2 new things. 1st= These are called Saturn peaches. I have never seen them before so I bought a few home to try. They are sweet and juicy. Really good. I will be looking for more of these. (They are sweeter than regular peaches, with a hint of almond, flat and are also called donut or saucer peaches. They have a white flesh. from online sources I looked up)

and #2= the salad I sampled at Trader Joe's today. Unlikely combination but it was so light cool and refreshing. Watermelon, wild arugula, fresh mozzarella, candied walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette. Yum yum yum

here is the salad

My absolute surpasses my cravings for Reece's Peanut Butter Cups is the new pretzel M&M's I finally found them and oh my oh my they are so good

And finally, I am hooked on this trilogy by Steig Larsson. Love that I could download all 3 to my Kindle. My son-in-law John was telling me how good they were. So far book one and he is right!


Tina said…
Loved having you in class! It was a fun day. :)
Your journal looks great...I love the quote that you chose.
Definitely going to try that salad and I am just dying to get my hands on the new m&m's. Choc or Yogurt covered pretzels are one of my favorite!
I LOVED "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo." Wonderful book! I agree about the M&M's - I just saw those advertised and decided I need to try them. Good to know that they are good! Yesterday was a fun day at PV!
Maija said…
Great work in class!!!!!
I just finished reading all three of those books! The first half of the first book was a little dry, but the rest was thrilling!!!!
I also love those MM pretzel candies!!!!
I haven't seen the new M&Ms yet! Yum!

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