Celebrating Father's day

Today is about celebrating the Fathers in our families. I count myself very lucky to have a wonderful, caring and supportive Father. I am just as blessed to have a son-in-law that has taken on the responsibility of a ready made family. From day 1 he has bonded, guided and loved Jennifer's children, my grandchildren. John has been more of a Father to them than their biological father every will. So today we honored John. Where better to celebrate than at the Cornish Pasty. This is rapidly growing to be a family favorite. If only we could convince TJ to drive down and join us!!!
So, as usual we had too much food but lots of good conversations and laughter.
It was way way too hot to eat on the patio so we elected to eat indoors sitting in the church pews. Almost ha ha like being in church this Sunday am.

Sadera, John and Anthony

New to me beer, Tangerine Wheat Beer. Not for everyone but it was ice cold and refreshing and went well with the food

Jennifer's sausage salad. Oh my it was good!!!!

My pesto chicken with artichoke hearts

Fries with roasted garlic. Our newest have to have

And then there was dessert "Shirley Temple Pudding" decadent, scrumptious and I am sure absolutely no calories. We split 2 of these between the 5 of us but I could literally eat one myself. It is a gingerbread type cake with toffee in the middle and cream to pour over it while it is piping hot. Oh so good.

Believe me I wanted nothing more than to come home and nap! Instead I worked on my pool. Again hot out there. Water in the pool is already warm and not the most cooling.
And finally my tomato continues to grow I think I have found 3 more blossoms. I will be a regular tomato farmer here soon NOT!!!


I just got my first tomato of the season, its an exciting event!
Tina said…
That food looked so yummy! Glad you had a fun day!
Maija said…
Looks like yummy food, and the beer looks mouth wateringly delicious! Perfect for a hot day in the desert!!!
I miss tomatoes out of the garden! I am envious...
Scrappy Jessi said…
hey doll
cant wait to see you next month

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