Sunday Ramblings in Pics

It is Sunday and another weekend is winding down. A rest full, quiet weekend. The weather was a bit cooler and that was nice. I was able to get more yard work done namely raking raking raking. I raked, the wind blew and I raked. Kind of my mantra for the past couple of days. It seems like monsoons to me, but according to the experts it is not. Big clouds very strong winds and dust and sand filling the pool and the house. Nope not monsoons.

My tomato plant growing upside down now has a tomato. Yeah!!!

I was at Mystic Paper yesterday and scored new to me Pink Paislee and October Afternoon papers. Been busy doing a few layouts. It has been a log time since I scrapped layouts. Took me a long time to complete this one

While at Mystic I spied the Big Shot and couldn't resist the deal offered. I purchased it and brought home another tool!! Now I no longer need to hold Colleen's hostage as I have my own.

And lastly my Grand Daughter is turning into DUCT TAPE QUEEN. She is making messenger bags, billfolds and other things out of duct tape. Having a ball designing and completing these projects.

So tomorrow it is back to work for me another busy week ahead.
Hope you all had a weekend filled with fun and rest


Maija said…
The mornings have been beautiful!!!! Who expects to open their windows wide in Phoenix in June?!?!
Congrats on your purhcases- you scored! I was reading Mystic's blog about all the new stuff they got in.
I'm impressed with the duct tape creations Sadera is cranking out!!
Tina said…
Too funny son made a duct tape billfold. Carried it for a long time (until it got sticky) haha!
Paris Cowgirl said…
It was so good to see you this weekend Sherry! We need to spend more time...when time allow! I'll be in touch

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