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I was too late to start this last week, so this is my week one of A Simple Woman's Daybook. Kim started hers last week. Check her blog for her update. I thought this would be a great way to journal everyday thoughts and happenings.

FOR TODAY Monday June 29,2009

Outside my window...It is dusk and the sky has so many rain just wind

I am thinking...that time is short till a good friend leaves

I am thankful for... my health, my family and a special someone in my life

From the kitchen...Made 12 jars of peach jam tonight after work

I am wearing... my PJ's the old ratty ones the ones that are the most comfortable

I am creating...nothing.lost that mojo lately lots of ideas but no go

I am going... to bed soon

I am reading...Sunday's at Tiffanys

I am hoping...this headache leaves by morning

I am softly from my CD player

Around the house...things are out of place and cluttered and I am ok with it

One of my favorite things...quiet time before I go to b…

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

1947-2009. It is unreal how fast time passes. It just seems like we had your 50th celebration and then your 60th and now your 62nd anniversary is here.
Your certainly have set a bar for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to follow.
Have a wonderful day.
I am sure TJ will be helping you celebrate when he gets there Thurs.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Can I just say it was a super hot day!!!! Really hot!!! Miserably hot!! So I think you all get the idea it was hot here in sunny AZ. Hot and humid!!! Despite the heat and sweating all day, I had a great day.

My day started at 0730 at Carriage Lane park in Mesa. I had signed up for AZ Bountiful Baskets. This was a new experience to share with Jen and Sadera. We met at the park at 0730 and it was already muggy and hot. Signed in and picked up our order. It was a fairly large order requiring 2 trips to the car. We loaded up and came to my house to divide up our food.
The park with the food waiting to be picked up

We had a case of apples believe me when I tell you there were a lot of apples even divided in half, a case of peaches, 5 loaves of 9 grain bread, 4 loaves of jalapeno cheese bread and then a fruit and veggie basket as well as a Mexican basket. So fruit basket was bananas, strawberries, grapes, Bing cherries and apples, veggie basket was zucchini, celery, tomatoes, green beans and c…

Sunday's Recap

After our Saturday nite card games and movies the kids went to bed fairly early. At least earlier than expected by me. They slept in till 7:30 and were oh so quiet until I was up and about. We got ready and I had to have some pictures of course. I am becoming more adventuresome with my camera and I was playing with the manual settings with this group of pics. Loved how they turned out.
Here is Anthony with his hair combed. Well we drenched it in water to make it lie down.

Sadera cute as ever

And the two of them actually agreed to stand next to each other. What a surprise as usually they fight. Note that Anthony is almost as tall as Sadera

After our mini photo session we headed to Wildflower to meet John and Jen for breakfast. Of course it was as yummy as ever. Then the big task of the morning, finding books for everyone. Took Anthony and Sadera quite a while to find that special book. I was sad to see them head home as we had had such a great sleep over. Can't wait until the next time

Happy Father's Day Dad

Happy Father's Day Dad
I am so blessed to have you as my father. Hoping you have a wonderful day.

Dad and his 3rd GREAT Grandchild

Good day

With Colleen back in town for a brief stay my Saturday started off with coffee at Starbuck's. From there we headed to Mystic Paper for our class with UTEE and bees wax with Mike. What a fun class. And for once I not only finished my project but I love it. Thanks so much Mike for the helpful suggestions when I was stuck.

Here is Colleen way ahead of all of us applying her bees wax

Mike demonstrating UTEE

Colleen hard at work
My finished collage. The young woman is my grandmother on her "Sweet 16" birthday. I thought the graphics 45 papers were perfect for her. She was known to journal so this was my story for her. I had so much fun making the embellishments. Learned lots again today.

My newest toy a Score Pal. Haven't really been able to play with it much although Sadera and I scored a card for her. We both thought it was pretty neat. I bought the mat that goes with it and am looking forward to playing later this weekend

Tina had a give away on her blog and …

Saturday Thoughts

Is it just me or are the days and weeks just flying by. It must be my age. This last birthday seems to be taking a toll and I feel OLD. I need a new attitude.

So today will be a day filled with a class at Mystic with Mike. I pulled some ancestry pics to use on my collage. Should be a fun class as Mike's are always entertaining as well as informative with lots of techniques.

After class it is home to pick up the Grand kids (I am having them for a sleepover) and Colleen and I are taking them to dinner.

Looks like a good day! No thoughts of work are going to interfere with my plans today.

Pics will be coming tomorrow

So far this week

This has been a really good week filled with unexpected winnings, good friends and air conditioning that functions at work. What more could I ask for.

Yesterday was one of my most favorite days, a day of just staying home, relaxing and staying in my PJ's all day. I worked on a project all day and finally completed it about 8 PM. Now to clean up the mess!!!
Today's agenda is to be outside working on the pool and cleaning up the yard after all these big windy days. Exciting huh???

Friday evening Colleen and I joined Kim and Mike at Mystic Paper for their Late Afternoon Altered Art Social Intimate Network (LAAASING). What a fun nite it was. We played with bees wax, heard the most entertaining stories and even had our friendly ghost visits. I think the noises freaked Colleen out:) I guess from the last evening event I was used to it so it didn't bother me. Colleen and Tina were there for the first time so they were able to partake in the ghostly adventure.

I had been surfin…

Another weekend come and gone

Oh my gosh another weekend has come and gone. It is hard to believe that a week ago I was in California living the high life! While it is good to be home it is tough coming down from the clouds.
I survived the work week and really just took it easy this weekend.
Colleen arrived safely back in Az Tuesday nite. It is good to have her home. I think she is as exhausted as all of us that attended the event a week ago. We met up at Jan's on Wed for our regular Stampin Up club. I didn't get pics of our 2 beautiful cards or sweet little treat box as I mailed the cards out on Thursday and gave the treat box to Sadera with a special surprise.
Usually one weekend a month is devoted to family, all the family but this weekend was just the girls. Jen, Sadera and I headed out for pampering at the nail salon. Pedicures and manicures were on the agenda and my goodness did we enjoy it.

I had the French manicure as did Jen and Sadera got her favorite color purple.

Now colors and choices for pedicures…

Recapping the past weekend

I was so lucky to be able to attend Kim C's event in Cali this past weekend. It was a whirlwind of activity leading up to the event on Saturday. Kim pampered us with delicious food, wonderful goodie bags and an atmosphere of inspiration and creativity.

Kim H and I left Thursday morning in a packed Expedition and headed to Kim C's house. We arrived safe and sound and were greeted by Kim and Amy Powers. Can I just say she is the sweetest. Soon we were off for manicures and pedicures and the most wonderful massages. Then it was a Del Taco run and back to Kim's house for pouf balls:)
Amy working on her ball as she waits for us to finish up

Sweet Kim working away

Friday found us back at Kim's and then to the downtown LA flower district. What a wonderful selection of the most beautiful flowers. Unfortunately I didn't take pics but Amy did so check her blog. Then it was to the Studio to help Kim set up. What a fun day getting all the pieces put together. Colleen …