Sunday's Recap

After our Saturday nite card games and movies the kids went to bed fairly early. At least earlier than expected by me. They slept in till 7:30 and were oh so quiet until I was up and about. We got ready and I had to have some pictures of course. I am becoming more adventuresome with my camera and I was playing with the manual settings with this group of pics. Loved how they turned out.
Here is Anthony with his hair combed. Well we drenched it in water to make it lie down.

Sadera cute as ever

And the two of them actually agreed to stand next to each other. What a surprise as usually they fight. Note that Anthony is almost as tall as Sadera

After our mini photo session we headed to Wildflower to meet John and Jen for breakfast. Of course it was as yummy as ever. Then the big task of the morning, finding books for everyone. Took Anthony and Sadera quite a while to find that special book. I was sad to see them head home as we had had such a great sleep over. Can't wait until the next time
I came home and cleaned and finished the laundry and then it was play time for me. The following are three layouts I put together from kits from ETC. Once in a while it is just so easy to use a kit and I think I had the perfect pics for them.

So another busy week lies ahead and then it will be the weekend again Yippee!!
Hoping my sister is having a great adventure at the cabin in Minn. I have my fingers crossed no rain for them this week


Kim Hesson said…
love all your photos! you did good! looks like you were busy, but had tons of fun. love your layouts they are super cute!
Lindsey said…
Your layouts turned out great! I love using kits sometimes too- they have a little bit of everything!

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