Good day

With Colleen back in town for a brief stay my Saturday started off with coffee at Starbuck's. From there we headed to Mystic Paper for our class with UTEE and bees wax with Mike. What a fun class. And for once I not only finished my project but I love it. Thanks so much Mike for the helpful suggestions when I was stuck.

Here is Colleen way ahead of all of us applying her bees wax

Mike demonstrating UTEE

Colleen hard at work
My finished collage. The young woman is my grandmother on her "Sweet 16" birthday. I thought the graphics 45 papers were perfect for her. She was known to journal so this was my story for her. I had so much fun making the embellishments. Learned lots again today.

My newest toy a Score Pal. Haven't really been able to play with it much although Sadera and I scored a card for her. We both thought it was pretty neat. I bought the mat that goes with it and am looking forward to playing later this weekend

Tina had a give away on her blog and I am the lucky recipient of one of her necklaces. It arrived today. Thanks so much Tina I love it

After class Colleen came back to my house and waited for my Grand kids. Jen dropped them off and Colleen, Sadera, Anthony and I headed to Mimis for very late lunch very early dinner. Yummy food, lively conversation. Colleen and I had to bow out of card games when we got back home as we were pooped.


Anthony who is growing out his hair

Playing spoon. I did finally sit and play a few games of spoon. I won 2 games ha not very good Must have been due to my fatigue : )

Look Mom they are eating healthy snacks!! What their Mom doesn't see is the frosted sugar cookies

So I best get back to babysitting and paying attention to the kids. They are busily making bracelets at the moment. Tomorrow we are having breakfast at the Wildflower minus TJ. We will miss him


Tina said…
Oh I am so glad you like it Sherry! Have a wonderful day.
Wish I could have taken the class with you.

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