Another weekend come and gone

Oh my gosh another weekend has come and gone. It is hard to believe that a week ago I was in California living the high life! While it is good to be home it is tough coming down from the clouds.
I survived the work week and really just took it easy this weekend.
Colleen arrived safely back in Az Tuesday nite. It is good to have her home. I think she is as exhausted as all of us that attended the event a week ago. We met up at Jan's on Wed for our regular Stampin Up club. I didn't get pics of our 2 beautiful cards or sweet little treat box as I mailed the cards out on Thursday and gave the treat box to Sadera with a special surprise.
Usually one weekend a month is devoted to family, all the family but this weekend was just the girls. Jen, Sadera and I headed out for pampering at the nail salon. Pedicures and manicures were on the agenda and my goodness did we enjoy it.

I had the French manicure as did Jen and Sadera got her favorite color purple.

Now colors and choices for pedicures was a little different for us. Jen stuck to the French manicure and Sadera and I went out there. Sadera has the purple with butterflies and mine are the black plaid with the flower. What fun we had. You can click on the pic for a closer look.

You can see how Sadera is enjoying the pampering and the massage chair

Chandelier is completed and hung in the guest bathroom for now. This was one of the classes I took in California Kristen did an awesome job of packing the kit and teaching the class

Amy's was the first class of the day. I finished up adding the glitter last nite and it is hanging in it's temporary home for right now.

In Michelle's class we did a mosaic on the lid of a box. We learned the correct way of using nippers to cut our china. Even got the grouting down. Fun class

This afternoon I went back to my roots ha ha and started sewing again. I used to make all of Jen's clothes when she was small. Missed sewing. But oh my how things have changed in the sewing field. Namely the price of patterns. Too funny that I remember them under 5 dollars. Any who I made a skirt and have more material for 2 more skirts and a few other projects.

So tomorrow starts a new week probably a busy one too. Guess I need to close and get things lined up. Hope everyone has a great week


Maija said…
Everyone has such lovely feet and hands! I'm glad you had time with your girls.
How long will Colleen be in town? I owe you both a long overdue cup of coffee at my house!

And your projects turned out beautiful! I still have to finish my chandelier!
PCarriker said…
Sounds like a great time, I'm headed to Cali to teach in Sept, looking forward to it!

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