So far this week

This has been a really good week filled with unexpected winnings, good friends and air conditioning that functions at work. What more could I ask for.

Yesterday was one of my most favorite days, a day of just staying home, relaxing and staying in my PJ's all day. I worked on a project all day and finally completed it about 8 PM. Now to clean up the mess!!!
Today's agenda is to be outside working on the pool and cleaning up the yard after all these big windy days. Exciting huh???

Friday evening Colleen and I joined Kim and Mike at Mystic Paper for their Late Afternoon Altered Art Social Intimate Network (LAAASING). What a fun nite it was. We played with bees wax, heard the most entertaining stories and even had our friendly ghost visits. I think the noises freaked Colleen out:) I guess from the last evening event I was used to it so it didn't bother me. Colleen and Tina were there for the first time so they were able to partake in the ghostly adventure.

I had been surfing for some vintage images for a project and by coincidence found this one. How appropriate for Mystic and the Friday evening gathering. I think it should be our badge for the Friday nite gatherings!!!

It is a French medal "The Badge of the Holy Ghost"

I hijacked this photo from Tina as I had forgotten my camera. Our group working away listening to the tales of Mike. Loved the stories

Also this was my lucky week. I was the winner of two blog give aways. How neat is that?? Colleen and I were laughing that I should have bought a lottery ticket this week!
Tina had a drawing for her 1ooth post and I was the lucky recipient of this. I had my choice of a washer necklace or a scrabble necklace. I chose the washer one. Here is one that Tina has made so I am so excited about it. Thanks Tina!

And Mystic Paper had a giveaway of your choice of a kit. I WON my favorite kit the Little Girl. Again I was so excited as this is the cutest kit with images, flash cards and papers. Thank you Kim and Jennifer!

So I have had my coffee, I guess it is time to get moving and get something accomplished. Tomorrow it is back to work for me.
Hope you are all having a great week-end


We think the badge idea is great Sherry!
kim hesson said…
it was so much fun hanging out on friday and i just think the ghosts are going to be there at our monthly event! :)
Maija said…
Sounds like a wonderful night! I'm hoping to join you on Friday night!

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