Hot, Hot, Hot

Can I just say it was a super hot day!!!! Really hot!!! Miserably hot!! So I think you all get the idea it was hot here in sunny AZ. Hot and humid!!! Despite the heat and sweating all day, I had a great day.

My day started at 0730 at Carriage Lane park in Mesa. I had signed up for AZ Bountiful Baskets. This was a new experience to share with Jen and Sadera. We met at the park at 0730 and it was already muggy and hot. Signed in and picked up our order. It was a fairly large order requiring 2 trips to the car. We loaded up and came to my house to divide up our food.
The park with the food waiting to be picked up

We had a case of apples believe me when I tell you there were a lot of apples even divided in half, a case of peaches, 5 loaves of 9 grain bread, 4 loaves of jalapeno cheese bread and then a fruit and veggie basket as well as a Mexican basket. So fruit basket was bananas, strawberries, grapes, Bing cherries and apples, veggie basket was zucchini, celery, tomatoes, green beans and cauliflower. The Mexican pack was cilantro, corn tortillas, avocados, garlic, onions, tomatoes, pablano peppers, dried peppers and limes.

Sadera hot and probably wanting to get back home

After getting everything divided up and put away I hopped in the shower and got ready for a lunch with Colleen and Kim.
Kim actually beat Colleen to my house. Once we all had gathered it was to Starbucks and then down the 101 towards Scottsdale. Our first stop was the Frenzied Stamper. Fun store. Then to Houston's for a fun yummy lunch. Of course neither Kim or I remembered our cameras so no pics. Melrose and Rust and Roses were next on the agenda. You wouldn't believe how hot it was at both places. We were dripping literally. It was back to my house as Kim needed to get home and Colleen and I headed to REI so Colleen could find new shoes.
We ended our day at Mystic where we both had to have the new Somerset Life magazine. Why you ask well it seems that our picture is in the magazine:) Kim's Artistic Affaire was featured and one of the photos was of our swaps. Kim wrote a beautiful article for the magazine of her event. My back is to the camera so you just see my head and my arms outstretched like a robot. But still I can say I was in Somerset Life:) Family I am "Famous" I know you are all so impressed

So tomorrow I am afraid it is back to reality, laundry, clean and all that good stuff.


kim hesson said…
Despite the heat it was a wonderful day! Wonderful shopping, wonderful friends, and wonderful food!
Tina said…
Sounds like a fun day. Glad you had a good time! (can I have your autograph) just teasing...that really is cool.
Cheryl said…
Hey famous friend....The back of my head (roots and all) is famous, too. (lol) Glad you guys didn't melt yesterday! Sounds like it was a blast, but way to HOT for my taste! Stay cool.

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