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Stimulating the Economy

This economy has everyone tightening their fiscal belts and I have been no different! Last nite on the local news channel they did a piece on the economy and I found it to be insightful . Supposedly the recession was over in 2009 hmmm hadn't noticed that and supposedly consumers have cut back on their spending. Well that I have noticed as I sure have been reluctant to put out money for "unnecessary purchases". The expert related that to get out of this mess we need to start buying Ha A good excuse to spend.
I have been without a refrigerator for a month and I have to tell you eating out of cans has gotten way boring. Frequent trips to the store to purchase food for one meal expensive and time consuming. So Saturday I took the plunge and let go of some hard earned coveted savings and purchased my beautiful new appliance. Haven't filled it up yet but just love it. It actually keeps food cold or frozen. So I guess all this rambling is to say I did my part to …

Catching My Breath & Catching Up

This has been the first weekend since I came back from Iowa that I have had a chance to be at home with no classes, events, or have to's. It has been a whirlwind month and sadly September escaped me somehow. I hit the floor running when I arrived back to Phoenix on the 10th and it seems it just never quit. It has been nice to have three days off and to just take it easy not rushing around trying to get everything done and ready for a new week. I am enjoying the peace and calm of this weekend and the fabulous cooler weather. Having the windows open with a gentle breeze blowing in has been heaven.

So what was I doing in September?? Well I was taking classes and working and attending a wonderful event in California. Colleen was here for a short weekend and it was go go go!!!

September 16th and 17th found Colleen and I out and about. Friday was full to the brim with breakfast with Jan, shopping, shopping, shopping, and Beth Quinn's open house and then a lovely dinner with Ju…