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Happy Thanksgiving

So many things big and small to be grateful and thankful for this year.
Wishing all my family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving

Where is the time going??? Happenings and a Challenge

This fall is rushing by so quickly. Seems I remain a month behind.
I have been looking for an online class to keep me occupied throughout the long winter months and bless Maija she pointed me in the right direction.
I am signed up for Jeanne Oliver's online class Creatively Made.
Looking forward to some new creative adventures.

Meanwhile I have taken a class or 2, have issued a challenge to my daughter and Grandkids and am trying very hard to get over a big disappointment involving an event I so wanted to attend but can't.

I issued a challenge to my Grandkids and my daughter to take 1 photo per day every day in November and who ever completed all 30 days would receive a prize> Well they took it and ran with it and forgot to remind Grandma Nov 1st. They think they are all so cute that the are ahead four days. Hmmm we will see on Nov 30th. I am looking forward to their pics to see what they see behind their cameras.

Last nite we were invited to celebrate my daughter's bir…