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Time has Flown

It is amazing how quickly time has passed since I last wrote on more poor blog.  I guess it has taken this long for me to come to terms with the loss of Mom and Dad.  I still miss them so so much and think of them daily.  I still expect a text or email in the mornings and when I glance at the clock on Sunday afternoons I think back to our 4 pm chats. My sister and I often say how long before that changes.  Life does go on but not quite the same.
So what have I been up to in the last 2 years.  CRAFTING!!  I have been taking lots of classes of all different types.  My latest passion is Shawn Petit and her mixed media classes at Craftfusion.  I am letting go and getting bolder about branching out and not following exactly the instructor.  Can't wait till August 16th as my Daughter and Gran Daughter are joining me in Shawn's next class.  And I have been teaching a little at Craftfusion.  I am so enjoying that bold new step for me.
Family still the most important happiness in my life…