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I did it !!! Wahoo

Yes! It came to me driving to work this am, what I was doing wrong in trying to create this collage. So, naturally the first thing I did when I got home was to get on the computer and try my idea. Wahoo people I did it. The next big challenge is to get the pics in the order I want and I think that has to do with the way I upload them. Doing the happy dance. I bet all of you can hardly wait until I try another challenge. Weekend is ahead and I'm looking forward to it.

Why why why

OK, so I set a goal to figure out how to make these picture mosaics, and I thought I just mite be able to accomplish it. Well.......... I figured out how to use flikr and the photos there and viola it worked. So being me I'm soo proud of myself look at me I did it! Now on to my big idea take my photos and do the same thing. Well you guessed it pure failure. I've worked on this little project for 2 nites and still no luck nadda nothing. Am I frustrated yeap ya got that. So here is my version that did work! Tomorrow is another day and a new trial at this.

Sadera's Recital Pic

1st long awaited pic of Sadera's Ballet Recital is finally here. Sadera's studio didn't have professional photographers this year so one of the mothers took the pictures. Looks like she did an awesome job. Anyway this is Sadera in her ballet outfit.

Altered Art Book meeting continued

Necklace made by Cheryl symbolizing the journey we took in creating our altered book and the beaded angel from Victoria. very special and meaningful gifts. This was such an eye opening experience for me and to make it even better I met some absolutely wonderful "girls"

And just to prove that yes it did rain in Cave Creek pics as we were driving home. Big fat raindrops and lots of wind and dust.

Last Altered Book Meeting

Yesterday was our last altered book meeting at Victoria's in Cave Creek. What a fabulous fun experience. Great food for our potluck in a beautiful setting. Victoria's home is so warm and inviting and filled with the most wonderous treasures everywhere you look.

Beautiful dining experience
After eating we adjourned to her studio and exchanged our books. What fun to see our finished product. To top it all off were the gifts. Cheryl made each of us a silver necklace symbolizing the journey we took. Victoria made each of us a beaded angel. What fun to have a piece of art work from them. Pics to follow of the gifts and my completed book.

The weekend is here

Higher and higher
Don't squirt Grandma
Well the weekend has finally arrived after a long and busy week at work. Breakfast with Colleen and Beth and then we will be off on another of our shopping adventures. Plan is to go to a store somewhere on I-17 called Diane's as Beth has a mission to find feathers for one of her projects. Then to Mystic Paper antique hunting.
Tomorrow is the last drive to Cave Creek for our final Altered Book exchange. I'm so anxious to get my book back and sit and go through it. We have just really only gotten brief looks as we exchange monthly so this will be fun.
Otherwise I'm pretty boring this am. Just relaxing with my coffee and surfing the net.

Last One

Sign in page Cheryl's altered book theme was quotes. Cheryl provided an envelope with a library pocket card, a playing card, and some small embellishments to develope a sign in card and page. I had found the 2 pics on flicker of the 2 ladies and somehow came up with a mother nature idea. I think this was one of the easier books I worked in.

Just an idea that came in the middle of the nite. I really ended up liking this after I got done. It is so simple but has a message.
Again saw the quote and came up with this idea. The books are getting so full that it is difficult to work in them
Every altered meeting we bring embellishments to share. I cut out puzzel piece4s with my new sizzex die and then I also made ATC cards and put on a jump ring. This pic is blurry for some reason.
Another of my more favored layouts. Quote is "Time is a seamstress specializing in alterations"

Boys sleepover

Anthony's much anticipated boys night, sleepover with his favorite Uncle TJ finally came to pass. To say Anthony was excited is such an understatement. He was up at 6am on Sat to shower and come to Grandma's house. Here are some of the pics I snapped while the two of them played in the pool. Anthony brought lots of movies, games and toys for Uncle TJ

Recital Pictures

As usual Sadera's dance recital is held when it is sooo hot. This year it was at Rhodes Junior High. Not to bad really. Auditorium was smaller and cooler. Also less people so all in all not bad. Sadera danced in 6 dances from Pom & Cheer, hip hop, to ballet. She looked so beautiful in her ballet costume. No dance pics this year so all the mothers are getting together to get pics taken. Can't wait to see her in all her costumes. Anyway these are the only pics I was able to get. Lighting sucked. Can ya tell Sadera was exhausted post recital??? The flowers she is holding are from Anthony, TJ, John & Jenn and me. They were beautiful roses and daisies.

John & Sadera Grandma & Sadera

John, Jenn & Sadera


What a great day today was. Colleen and I headed out on an adventure today. We got this great idea at breakfast at TC Eggington's to head over to Surprise and check out a new scrapbooking store. What seemed like hours later we arrived. A really nice store and of course we bought a few and honestly it was only a few things. Then even though I was dying of thirst it was back to Aunt Pittypats in Glendale for lunch. I think I inhaled my diet pepsi. I was dying of thirst. After a too much food good lunch it was to creative Quest and we found a few stamps. Then we headed to Mystic Paper in Mesa and again found a few unusual items. Mainly we were on the antique side scouting out stuff to alter.
Now Mr A is here to keep Grandma company while Sadera has her dance rehearsal. Tomorrow is the big day dance recital and Mr A's sleepover with his uncle TJ.
More later

More cards Jo

Jan's stamping up cards

Here ya go Jo

As requested pics from card class and a pic b4 I go get my hair cut tonite

Saturday Fun

TJ, Jenn, and kids showed up early Saturday am to start the "party"! Jenn brought freshly made croissants and we made breakfast sandwiches. Oh man as Anthony says they were soo good.

Calm before the storm! Note that the pool is sparkling clean after many many hours of cleaning.

New recipe for Magnolia Bakery cupcakes. very easy to make and boy they are scrumptious.

Jenn frosting the cakes

Finished product. Not to many left today