Recital Pictures

As usual Sadera's dance recital is held when it is sooo hot. This year it was at Rhodes Junior High. Not to bad really. Auditorium was smaller and cooler. Also less people so all in all not bad. Sadera danced in 6 dances from Pom & Cheer, hip hop, to ballet. She looked so beautiful in her ballet costume. No dance pics this year so all the mothers are getting together to get pics taken. Can't wait to see her in all her costumes. Anyway these are the only pics I was able to get. Lighting sucked. Can ya tell Sadera was exhausted post recital??? The flowers she is holding are from Anthony, TJ, John & Jenn and me. They were beautiful roses and daisies.

John & Sadera
Grandma & Sadera

John, Jenn & Sadera


love your pics sherry. you need to pass along the "how to" for putting them on your blog that way. i'm just not good with that!! i'm gonna try again. looks like you had fun. plus i need to really try and go to mystic paper!!!

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