Boys sleepover

Anthony's much anticipated boys night, sleepover with his favorite Uncle TJ finally came to pass. To say Anthony was excited is such an understatement. He was up at 6am on Sat to shower and come to Grandma's house. Here are some of the pics I snapped while the two of them played in the pool. Anthony brought lots of movies, games and toys for Uncle TJ


soulcomfort said…
Just curious--what kind of bird do you have in the big black cage?

Am new to blogs and just found yours. Haven't read all your posts, by any means, but love seeing all the pictures of what you're doing with Altered books, etc. I am just starting my very first altered book. A card-maker for many years--something new for me.

Always, Rita
sherry said…
A parrot very sociable parrot
soulcomfort said…
What kind? Amazon, African Grey, Cockatoo, Conure...? (I have worked in pet shops.) I have a cockatiel right now. Used to have African Greys (my favorite). People don't realize what personality they can have and what company they can be until they've been around birds or lived with one. hehe!
Always, Rita

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