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The week-end is coming to an end

I am feeling kind of down. My weekend will soon be over and it is back to work tomorrow. I didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted to, but on the other hand I got to be creative and shop. I stayed home Friday and did get the laundry and some light cleaning done. Played with the apron I am altering off and on all day. It is giving me fits but I will get it put together eventually:)
I waited all afternoon for Colleen to call as she had an appointment at the cardiology clinic. Well she called and sounded horrible. The test did not go well at all and she had a bad reaction to the medications. How she made it home I have no clue and she was supposed to call me if she didn't feel well and I would drive her home. Oops she felt so bad she didn't even know she had driven home. That's Colleen!! We were invited to a crop and Colleen was just not well enough to go so after making her promise to check in with me I headed out.

What a fun evening we had. Yummy salads from Chick-a-f…

Happy 82nd Birthday Mom

Sending Birthday wishes to you Mom. Hope you have a great Birthday. Stay warm!

Sister-in-law Sheryl, sister Jo, Mom, Me, sister-in-law Kate

Long day of shopping after a long day of cropping last night.
More blogging tomorrow

Strange week=Stranger Saturday

Well this has been a strange week, but yesterday topped what I call strangeness. My day started out as any usual Saturday, Colleen arrived and Starbuck's and coffee was our destination. Day started well, coffee was scrumptious and conversation great as we got caught up on what we had been doing for the past week. From there on bizarre and unusual and strange set in!!
We headed to our favorite destination Mystic Paper. Kim was there to greet us and direct us to the downstairs where Rick was pricing his goodies. We both scored some bottles and hardware. Great finds. Then upstairs to find the shoe buttons we headed. Love the shoe buttons and I bought quite a few among magazines that came highly recommended by Mike, and of course Graphic 45 papers. I am hoarding them. As we were standing at the counter visiting with Kim and Rick and checking out magazines flew off the shelf and to the floor. Now noone was anywhere near the shelf. Bit bizzare and we jokingly said the ghost was …

Week in review and a Saturday Brunch

This has been a fairly quiet week with less drama and friction than the previous weeks. Things seem to be calming down a bit. Wednesday nite was our monthly Stampin Up class at Jan's. As usual we had a ton to catch up on and it took us a bit to get going but we managed to finish our two cards and little treat box despite all of our talking.
Cards and treat box

I was able to stay home yesterday and actually accomplished more than usual. Cleaned, laundry and making Valentine Treat bags for family and staff. Yeah me.

Today was brunch at Mystic Paper. What a fun morning this was. Jennifer made Quiche and it was simply wonderful. Ellen did the muffins and again yummy. Kim J has been so sick with pneumonia plus the loss of her beloved Maverick, but she was there too. It was so fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Kim H even beat Colleen and I there. Hey what is wrong with that picture as usually Colleen is the first to arrive:)
We were served wonderful teas and we got to choose the …

Half time

Well it is half time and not quite where we want to be, but I have faith the second half will be better!
Today has been a quiet day, just kicking back. Jen, Ms S, and Mr A dropped by to help with my taxes and they are done yahoo. We had a good visit. Then they were off so Jen could do her run and the kids needed to get ready for their super bowl party.
Being of sound mind (not so sure) I needed to run to the grocery store. I figured 2 pm would be a great time WRONG. who would have thought that there would be millions of people rushing around the store to get beer and chips. I and everyone else in the store witnessed several couples having melt downs. Who knew men could be so picky about beer chips and wings. Well guess what they were. Really screaming at your wife over chips is a bit much. So I made my few purchases and got out of there and came home to stay. Now I am cheering on the Cardinals.
Finished up Little Pink Studio "Pocket Full of Valentines. Great kit and so fun …