The week-end is coming to an end

I am feeling kind of down. My weekend will soon be over and it is back to work tomorrow. I didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted to, but on the other hand I got to be creative and shop. I stayed home Friday and did get the laundry and some light cleaning done. Played with the apron I am altering off and on all day. It is giving me fits but I will get it put together eventually:)
I waited all afternoon for Colleen to call as she had an appointment at the cardiology clinic. Well she called and sounded horrible. The test did not go well at all and she had a bad reaction to the medications. How she made it home I have no clue and she was supposed to call me if she didn't feel well and I would drive her home. Oops she felt so bad she didn't even know she had driven home. That's Colleen!! We were invited to a crop and Colleen was just not well enough to go so after making her promise to check in with me I headed out.

What a fun evening we had. Yummy salads from Chick-a-fillet and bread sticks from the restaurant next to Paper Vineyards. We were all tired but managed to make it to the end. Very little cropping but lots of talking as we got all caught up on what everyone had been up to. Tina had had a bad week, Kim had sick kids all week so I think we were glad to just relax and chat. I got a little bit done on my newest kit from Carol W.
The 3 of us scrapping, talking and talking and talking!

Colleen felt better Saturday so we made our routine Saturday trip to Starbucks and Mystic Paper. Kim J had some encouraging news about the situation with DAM and was relaxed and a happy camper. From Mystic it was a quick trip to ETC where we ran into Carol W and got all caught up. And as a bonus we were able to see our February Creatologie kit. It is so beautiful.
TC's was next on the agenda as Colleen was looking a bit pale and need caffeine and food:) of course I needed a little sustenance too
Paper Studio was next on the agenda. I found some beautiful papers and a stamp. Last stop was the art store so Colleen could pick up this bizarre looking brush. Have no clue what you do with it well you paint with it but have no idea what it will look like when she is done.
Home we went both of us tired out.

I have had the bug to scrapbook again. I think it has been close to a year since I last scrapped. I had picked up a layout at ETC so today I put it together, finished up a follow the leader kit from a long time ago and put together one other one. I am in the groove. Just finished printing out some more pics so I am off to create more layouts.

Here are 3 layouts so far. Kim H do you recognize one of your follow the leader layouts


kim hesson said…
hey i love your new banner, it's cute! it was so much fun on friday. can't wait to do it again!
Tina said…
Friday was just what I needed! Thanks for coming. Can't wait to do it again.

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