Strange week=Stranger Saturday

Well this has been a strange week, but yesterday topped what I call strangeness. My day started out as any usual Saturday, Colleen arrived and Starbuck's and coffee was our destination. Day started well, coffee was scrumptious and conversation great as we got caught up on what we had been doing for the past week. From there on bizarre and unusual and strange set in!!
We headed to our favorite destination Mystic Paper. Kim was there to greet us and direct us to the downstairs where Rick was pricing his goodies. We both scored some bottles and hardware. Great finds. Then upstairs to find the shoe buttons we headed. Love the shoe buttons and I bought quite a few among magazines that came highly recommended by Mike, and of course Graphic 45 papers. I am hoarding them. As we were standing at the counter visiting with Kim and Rick and checking out magazines flew off the shelf and to the floor. Now noone was anywhere near the shelf. Bit bizzare and we jokingly said the ghost was out and creating mischief. Come to find out from Kim the little devil had been busy this week while Kim and Jennifer were in the store. Love the ghost stories. Would I be there at night alone oh NO
From Mystic it was to Sally's to pick up fabric and trims for a project and then to TC's for lunch. Here comes the second unusual. We had just ordered when I looked up to quietly see the Mesa Fire Dept and Paramedics coming into our area. Oh oh. Seems a little elderly lady was having some problems and they worked on her very quietly and transported her as quickly as they could. I felt so sorry for her family as they were in shock and so upset. Shortly after they left our lunch arrived without further incident.
Next we headed to Merchant Square where I am thinking ok two things have happened this should be nice and normal and easy. WRONG!!!! Our sweep of the antique store started out normal, but soon changed. Colleen and I were actually kind of staying together which is unusual in itself. We were looking at aprons made out of pillow cases and dresses out of quilt pieces when some whacked out lady attached herself to us and started talking. Me, I went on my way Colleen engaged her (hindisght says wrong move) so for the next 1 1/2 hours I am merrily going up and down the ailes and Colleen is still visiting. I think Colleen knows this ladies whole life story and how she is connected to royality, Obama, and God knows who else. I was so tired I finally interrupted them and told Colleen I was checking out. Colleen followed and her friend also followed. She was as we say attached at the hip. I was afraid she would follow us out but Colleen managed to leave her inside. The funniest or maybe not was Colleen needed to use the restroom but didn't want to go as she was afraid whacko would follow her there too.
We had a good laugh when we were safe and sound in the car.
Fun, weird, bizzare day. You would think it was the 13th instead of the 14th.
Today I am sewing which I haven't done in a long time working on a gift and on my altered apron for Mystic. Colleen, John, and Carol Jew are participating in the Parkinson Walk for Roy. Pretty cold day for that.
So here are pics from the week. Sorry this has been a long post and now you must endure all the pics.

Shoe buttons

Magazines recommended by Mike as grreat

Old picture in a frame. I just want the picture

Vintage French bowling pin

Reciept holder
Valentine treat bags for the staff

A week ago we had Sunday dinner at the Elephant Bar. Good times with family. Jen took over camera duty so no pics of her


Our favorite sweet potato fries

Mr A and Ms S

Grandma and Mr A

Mr A

Ok so my internet is being a real pain and this has been a 3 hour process of loading and journaling. Hopefully there are not too many spelling errors as blogger refuses to do a spell check on top of the internet kicking me out frequently. Looking forward to a great week


Maija said…
ell, I'm glad you took the time, because it allows me to stay in touch!
Love what you got from the Peddler! Your day was totally crazy though!
Lindsey said…
It was good to finally meet you at the store....what a strange day I must say. Love all your finds, especially that reciepe holder. I too am also doing the apron swap....I still haven't started though!
Paris Cowgirl said…
Wow, that really was a weird day for you. And, I am totally jealous of the receipt holder. The Peddler needs to share with Mrs. Peddler sometimes! I am glad I know that it went to a good home and it will be loved and used!

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