Half time

Well it is half time and not quite where we want to be, but I have faith the second half will be better!
Today has been a quiet day, just kicking back. Jen, Ms S, and Mr A dropped by to help with my taxes and they are done yahoo. We had a good visit. Then they were off so Jen could do her run and the kids needed to get ready for their super bowl party.
Being of sound mind (not so sure) I needed to run to the grocery store. I figured 2 pm would be a great time WRONG. who would have thought that there would be millions of people rushing around the store to get beer and chips. I and everyone else in the store witnessed several couples having melt downs. Who knew men could be so picky about beer chips and wings. Well guess what they were. Really screaming at your wife over chips is a bit much. So I made my few purchases and got out of there and came home to stay. Now I am cheering on the Cardinals.
Finished up Little Pink Studio "Pocket Full of Valentines. Great kit and so fun to put together.

Here are the 5 Valentines

And the little pocket they go in

Colleen posted all her goodies she found yesterday on her blog. I missed half of what she bought. Go check out her blog
So back to work tomorrow and the start of another week
Off to watch the game. Go CARDINALS


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