Super Saturday

Another week of hobbling around on crutches. Actually I am getting pretty good at it. 12 more days and I am hopefully out of the cast and into my brace and on to therapy. Wahoo.
Pretty quiet week just work and sleep is about what I accomplished.
Sat was a soldering class at Mystic Paper with Josie C. Wonderful, fantastic, great, fun class. I learned so much and my six found "treasures" turned out pretty good. I was pleased. That was pretty much the extent of my excitement for Sat
Today Jenn came over and took me to get a new phone. Yeah people now maybe I can talk more than 5 minutes. Picked up a few groceries and did some laundry and that is the extent of Sunday. Going to veg on the couch and watch the Super Bowl commercials and then an early nite.

Finally was able to finish my Valentine banner from Candice Carpenter class at Melrose

Ta da my soldered Found Treasures bracelet

More tomorrow stay tuned


Kim said…
wonderful job on the bracelet! hopefully i'll be able to learn this some day! :)
Glad you're getting a little more mobile! Your charm bracelet is cute! I've only soldered the Scrabble letters, but the other "treasures" you soldered are fun!

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