Pretty In PINK!!!!

Monday was a good day for me. Let's just say by Monday AM I had had it with my 2nd purple cast. I was WHINING and complaining as I was pretty uncomfortable. The cast once again had slipped and was riding on my ankle and heel. Miserable. So into the rescue come TJ (the wizard of knowing who to call to order anything) and Dr Letarte. TJ had ordered new cast "stuff" last week just for this exact occasion. Following the removal and re-applying of my new cast I was feeling a whole lot better and all is right in my world again. Not only does the cast fit better but it is shorter on my thigh so I can now sit and shorter on my lower leg so it doesn't ride on my ankles. Thanks Dr Letarte, TJ and Claudia for rescuing the whiney spoiled person yesterday. Be warned the pic of my leg without the cast is disgusting as I have no muscle left in my thigh!!!!!
And to top the day off I had my haircut and colored last night. So ya I would say a good day for me
Today we hit it really hard working on the leg muscles plus upper body weights. I am tired but feel good tonight!
Tomorrow night is class at Jan's am looking forward to that.

Cutting off the cast. despite my expression it didn't hurt at all

Still cutting away

The gross leg Claudia and I scrubbed and scrubbed with soap and water and no the "YES" (to indicate it was the correct leg for surgery) did not come off

TJ and Dr Letarte getting the cast stuff ready to go and my leg is wrapped in padding just waiting

and tada the new pink cast Anthony liked this new color. He said it was for Valentines Day


Pink, awe, much better...but that was a scary process to watch! You're brave!

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