A Bountiful Weekend

It has been a quiet 4th for me. I celebrated last nite by eating my daughter's homemade from scratch including the lasagna noodles lasagna. It was so good and with it I had a salad with lots of fresh veggies. Then I listened to my neighbor shooting off fireworks from his front yards. I was afraid his house, the neighbors or mine would be going up in flames. But nope we all survived.
Saturday started with Bountiful Basket pick-up. This week it was organic plus we added the picnic pack of watermelon, cantaloupe and blueberries. Lots of yummy veggies and fruits with more apples and peaches yikes!!!!
The blueberries and strawberries are so yummy. I have been snacking away on them. I made one batch of strawberry jam as I knew I couldn't eat all those berries.
The veggie pack had fresh green beans, squash,cucumbers, celery, bak choy and kale. I need recipes for the kale and bak choy.

Today I cut up the cantaloupe and it is juicy and sweet so good. I made an apple crisp with just some of the apples. Not sure if I will get them all eaten or not.

Other than laundry and cleaning and making the apple crisp I have been a bum. Just too lazy to do much. Like work in the yard or on the pool:)

Colleen left early this am to drive back to California. She should be arriving early this evening and I am sure can't wait to see Ella.

So far TJ must be enjoying his Iowa visit as I haven't heard from him. Will be glad to see him on Wed nite.

Kale help what will I do with it

I guess I will have leftovers and fresh out of the oven apple crisp for dinner. Need to get organized as tomorrow is another week of work.


Paris Cowgirl said…
Sherry, how does Bountiful Baskets work. I'm thinking my new neighbor and I could share.
kim hesson said…
love all your stuff! the jam looks wonderful, well so does the apple crisp!
Anonymous said…
Jobs said…
The strawberry jam looks very delicious. I also want to try some of that....

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