Monday nite excitement in Casa Grande

As you all know Monday nite was monsoon storms. Casa Grande where I work was hit really hard and we lost trees and huge garbage recycle bins. Here are the pics I took this am when I got to work Unfortunately I wasn't paying close enough attention and uploaded them backwards oh well you can see the damage

Claudia standing by the pile of trees we (meaning TJ, Warren and Elisa) pullled to the side of our parking area
Trees all gathered up

Warren and one of the recycle bins that had blown away

One of the downed trees

and the other one
so TJ, Warren and Elisa cut up alot of the branches and we have people coming tomorrow to finish it off. We were lucky and still had electricity today. Poor Claudia lost hers last nite when the winds snapped all the power poles on Arizola. No sleep last nite for her and hot to boot. Predicting more storm possibilities tonite oh yeah


Kim said…
wow that's just crazy! and i slept thru everything that happened here!

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