Quiet weekend

This has been an unusually quiet weekend for me. Usually I'm busy going to classes or out and about with Beth and Colleen. Not this weekend. Believe it or not I was home all day Sat and today. Do miracles never cease??? I did go to Walmart and the grocery store this am. My big find at Walmart was the great deal I got on flowers. They had their fall flower bunches for 94 cents so I picked up a few and viola after disassembling them I have tons of flowers for my projects.
I still am working on my A-Z album from last weekend. Geesh I am beginning to wonder if and when I will get it done.
Pool was cleaned yesterday and I see it is dirty again with leaves and debris. So guess I better head on out and clean it up AGAIN.
Can't believe it is Sunday so soon and it is back to work again tomorrow. I have class on Friday at DM to look forward to and class at Jan's on Wed so not too busy just enough.


love those flowers. can't wait to see what you do with them. also want to see your new album!

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