Sunday Lazy Quiet Day

It is a quiet, kind of lazy, beautiful sunshiny day here today. I am enjoying the windows open and the sun pouring through my windows. It has been a good day despite my rotten cold, and I am accomplishing quite a bit of house cleaning and also paying attention to my artistic side!
Yesterday was a great day. Colleen arrived back from California Friday evening so Saturday we headed to Starbuck's and Mystic Paper. Got all caught up on the goings on of Mystic, Kim and Jennifer's lives and we got a special showing of Baby Ella via Colleen's new digital picture frame. Baby Ella is such a doll and she looks like her daddy that is for sure. After a filling good good lunch at TC's we headed home.
I started working on some of my many projects and kits sitting here. I am determined to get these finished and in my albums this year:) I have finished my word album that I have put together to highlight my word FOCUS, completed 2 layouts with pics no less, and am working on Carol Wingert's monthly kit. I love her kits.
Between all this I am sneezing and coughing. I seem to have gotten the cold that all of my kids, the Doc, and all the patients have had. I am drinking OJ, eating oranges and drinking lots of hot tea. I am actually better today so lets hope it leaves quickly.
Great oranges from Trader Joe's

My newest toy I am in love with. This is kind of a smaller version of my ATG 700. I am loving it and the best part is the refills just snap in. Too cool.

Cover of my focus album. I made a transparency for the cover and then used Basic Grey Urban Prairie for the pages. I just put in random bits and pieces of paper, envelopes and hopefully I will use it:)

A peek at the inside

More inside

Layout I finished last night. I used a pic of Mom and Dad my sister had sent me

Another layout of New Years Eve with little Mr A

I have been bad and on Etsy again but I found some neat Christmas items.

My little PEEPS. I love them. Not sure what I will do with them but they are so soft

Lindsey tagged me to list 5 of my addictions. Oh oh I guess the secret will be out Thes are randomly listed in no particular order
1. Reeces Peanut Butter Cups (I could eat the whole bag which is why I rarely
buy them)
2. Books and magazines I have stacks and stacks of them
3. Scrapbook paper, wrapping paper,tissue paper well you get the right
idea.I have 1000 of pieces of paper and I hoard it
4. Aprons, vintage I seem to be collecting lots and lots of them
5. My family and friends I am fiercly loyal and protective of them

Ok so I need to tag 5 people
Kim J
Kim H
Jennifer W
Rebecca Tresler


Rebecca Tresler said…
ok, love that tape gun. i so want one now.

i like your addictions! can i come over and eat peanut butter cups, wear one of your cute aprons and go through your scrapbook paper? :)
Tina said…
Hope you are feeling better soon Sherry.

Fun List!!
Lindsey said…
Thanks for playing along! I have to say that Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are also my ALL time favorite candy too! And Vintage Aprons absolutely love them too!

Hope you are feeling better real soon too!
Maija said…
Please, I must know- where do I get that favorite toy of yours??? Looks much easier to handle than the jumbo one!

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