Long day of shopping=aching feet

Colleen and I headed out this am to try and find a pink prom dress for her mannequin. Unfortunately she didn't find a prom dress but she found a beautiful white night dress that she is going to use until she finds that perfect prom dress.
Unfortunately Kim had obligations at home so was unable to join us. So off to Starbuck's we went for our newest addiction oatmeal and coffee. Once we were fortified our journey began.

Our first stop was of course Mystic Paper. We had to check out the valentines and new paper sections. I fell in love with the two new Basic Grey lines in the store. The valentine papers came in the paper pack and I had to have them as there were two I just loved.

K&Company new vintage papers are to die for and so those were added to my ever growing pile

And another line of Basic Grey went into my basket.

And gosh somehow these new to me acrylic paints were found in my basket too. The reports are that this is the best paint so I will be trying them out soon.

From Mystic is was a trip to Bella Fine. They are having a moving sale and oh my what great bargains I found. The first great deal was a spring garland. It is at least 7' long with the sweetest little eggs and flower buds. It is wrapped in a beautiful ribbon. Can't wait to hang it up.

I picked up a beautiful bunch of flowers and so far I just stuck them unarranged in a big glass container till I can get them arranged properly

Another rooster plate to add to my collection

Once we loaded all of my stuff and everything Colleen bought into her car it was off to Merchant Square. I was so disappointed as some of our most favorite booths were gone. There have been a lot of changes and I suppose mainly due to the economy some have closed. But never fear I managed to find quite an eclectic assortment of goodies. From vintage to new Easter decor items, old crochet lace strips, old bottles, vintage valentines,crochet flowers, vintage buttons my passion, and a beautiful hand embroidered linen towel. Good day of shopping really.

By the time we checked out it was too late for lunch at TC's so off to Wildflower for a sandwich and soup. After reviving our sagging spirits it was a quick walk to Changing Hands Bookstore . I managed to find new books for the grand kids and then home I came. Here are Ms S new reading pleasures

And Mr A's 2 dinosaur and the cutest history book. Hoping they both like them

So long productive day. My feet are tired and I have all this to put away and straighten up. I guess there is always tomorrow.


kim hesson said…
sorry i wasn't able to make it today. got lots done though. looks like you 2 got lots of fun goodies though!
Kim Caldwell said…
SO wish we had a Mystic Paper here too! You all have the best shops! Glad it was a fun day!!

Hugs, Kim
Tina said…
Oh Sherry. I love the metal around those Easter eggs! They look great. I haven't even thought of Valentines around here, let alone Easter. You are ahead of the game.

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