This has been a busy but creative day. I slept in late for me and finished up the laundry and cleaning and grocery shopping in record time. Checked in on the Marathon to see how 3 guys were doing and then I played. Mike has created a monster as I am loving the bees wax. Problem is I ran out of boards both his and Kim's. So with the smell of a roast in the crock pot and the bees wax melting in another I played the afternoon away. I am slowly getting the hang of the bees wax process.
Here is the wax melting away

My last board. I still have to add some embellis but I like this

And my little bird nest. The birds and the square board are Kim's wood cut outs. Love these and they are working so well with the waxing

and last a much better picture of the one I completed in Mike's class yesterday.

Had a great afternoon. Talked with Colleen a bit and she is under the weather but cheering on the Cardinals. The Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl Yeah!!! All 3 guys finished the Marathon Yeah!!! Another work week starts tomorrow not a yeah, so I am guessing I best get things lined up.


kim hesson said…
so love what you did with your new projects. oh and i love your new blog banner to!
going to have to cut up a storm as i'm running super low on wood right now. yikes!
Maija said…
Your pieces are wonderful!!!! I'm not sure which smell I'd like better- the pot roast or the bee's wax!
Lindsey said…
Love all your projects! And those bird cut outs are adorable. What a great idea to incorporate the beeswax with the shapes!

Kim Caldwell said…
pretty, pretty, pretty. Miss you sweet Sherry. . .

Hugs, Kim

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