Been Beezy

I took a class at Mystic Paper with Mike Putman. What a fun class with bees wax. Colleen, Kim, and Tina also were there. It was so good to see Tina and catch up with her and her busy life. I think all of us came home with wonderful and different projects, as each of us had a different interpretation of the shabby collages. If you ever get a chance to take one of Mike's classes go for it. They are stress free and you learn so many techniques in all a great time. Tina needed to leave before we all finished so after Kim was done we headed to Mango's for a late lunch. Yummy food. Then it was time to pack up and head home. Unfortunately I missed the daylight to photograph my collage so will try to get a better pic tomorrow and post. And Mike warned us that when using bees wax to be careful it draws bees. Yeap it does. We had a little visitor come to join us. Too funny. So I will make sure my doors are closed when attempting this here at home. Ya I have all the supplies to play here now. Did any of us doubt that.


Rebecca Tresler said…
I love the bird cage! What a fun class! maybe you can teach ME!
Tina said… your trim and old key. Too funny as I have an old key laying on mine right now waiting to be added, so when I saw yours I had to smile. I had so much fun! And it was GREAT to see you all.
Tina said…
Oh...and love your title. :)
Maija said…
Great work, Sherry!! I love working with beeswax, but it's been a long time!
kim hesson said…
love how it turned out, especially with the extra goodies. loving your new banner as well!

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